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LightningChart JS v.3.3.0 has been released!

Announcing the new performance improvements, UI features, & chart types of LightningChart for JS!

We’re introducing 5 new powerful JS charts!

In this new version, we’ve included several new charts as a Dynamic Dashboard example that allows users to dynamically add/remove charts from a view to perform interactive analyses on different data sources. We’ve also included:

1. Geospatial Map Chart

Based on a background map picture with a heatmap laid over it. Find this chart in our interactive examples.

2. Ellipsoid 3D Chart

Frequently used in statistics, the 3D Ellipse chart is helpful in outliers detection.

LightningChart JS v3.3.0 is out now-3D scatter data set and confidence ellipsoid-example

3. Office Wi-Fi Strength Chart

This Office Wi-Fi Strength chart demonstrates how users can load external images and create new visualizations. For instance, this is an office premise that illustrates the Wi-Fi strength.

LightningChart JS v3.3.0 is out now-office-wifi-strength-chart

4. Temperature Anomaly Chart

This is a visualization of a Temperature anomaly index and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide in parts per million. This chart has two Y axes since it displays two trends in the same time range but with different values.

5. Surface Charts

The new Surface chart include intensity surface grid chart, 2D and 3D audio spectrogram chart, chunked surface grid chart, 3D surface grid chart, and surface partial invalidation chart.


Continuously working on performance improvements

We continued to improve the current performance of LightningChart JS heatmaps and some remarkable results are:

  • For static heatmaps, the rendering capacity goes from 1.2 billion data points to 5.6 billion!
  • The loading speed has increased by 250%!
  • The empty heatmap loading speed increased by 10x.
  • The overall performance for refreshing and appending heatmaps has significantly improved as well.

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Additionally, we carried out a new performance comparison for Surface grid charts, here’s a preview of the results:

  • Loading 4M data points in Static Surface charts, takes only 152 ms.
  • Continuously updating 4M data points in Refreshing Surface charts, consumes only 15.5% of CPU resources at a refresh rate of 10.0 Hz.
  • In Appending Surface charts, LightningChart JS is officially the first JavaScript chart in the world to support real-time 3D spectrograms.

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LightningChart JS is compatible with WebGL2

WebGL is key in the success of LightningChart and its high-performance rendering capabilities and we’re happy to announce that LightningChart JS v3.3.0 is fully compatible with WebGL 2, the latest version of the web graphics library.

Additionally, LightningChart JS v3.3.0 introduces the Image Fill Styles where you’ll be able to add custom background images or videos. This update also introduces new and more powerful features for visualizing 3D surfaces.

See all the features that LightningChart JS v3.3.0 can add up to your projects: