Lightningchart .NET wpf uwp winforms charting library

High-performance WPF, WinForms & UWP Charts & Graphs

LightningChart .NET can visualize up to 1 TRILLION data points in real-time.

World’s Fastest .NET Charts 

XY charts

The most definitive 2D cartesian chart, with the best rendering performance in the industry. Visualize your complex and huge data sets, with our optimized series types, shared X axes, built-in real-time scrolling modes and industry leading configuration options.

  • Series types: sampled data (discrete signal), line, scatter points, point-line, freeform point-line, areas, high-low, polygon, stock (OHLC, candle-stick), bar, band, constant line, intensity grid, intensity mesh
  • Real-time monitoring scrolling modes: scrolling, sweeping*, stepping, oscilloscope style level triggered
  • Heatmaps with contours, wireframe, contour labels
  • Stencil for rendering intensity series inside polygon, map region
  • Annotations, markers, data cursors
  • Persistent rendering layers
  • Several legend boxes in the same chart
  • Linear and logarithmic axes, X axis scale breaks
  • Several configurable vertical segments in chart, layered / stacked
  • Dozens of properties to control zooming and panning behavior

* sweeping mode as built-in, no other charting provider has this.


Trader charts

Easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, trading charts with basic Technical Indicators and Drawing Tools. The easiest approach for making apps for Trading & Technical Analysis.

  • Data fetching from web server, or supplying it by code, or reading it from CSV file
  • Stocks search by name or symbol
  • Several color themes
  • Chart types selection: mountain, line, candle-sticks, bars
  • Technical indicators, such as SMA, EMA, WMA, Bollinger band, RSI, MACD
  • Drawing tools, such as Trend line, Linear regression channel, Fibonacci retracement, Fibonacci arcs, Fibonacci fan, Freehand annotation
  • Chart segments management and resizing
  • Technical indicators Stochastic Oscillator & Money Flow Index are now supported

The Trader library is built over fast & robust LightningChart .NET API, and the Trader library source code* is provided free-of-charge, for all subscribers.

* Note: LightningChart .NET API Source code itself is available as paid option to subscription.


3D charts

Visualize your data in informative and interesting way in 3D XYZ cartesian chart view. 3D charts for WPF and Winforms

  • Series types: surface mesh, surface grid, waterfall, polygon, rectangle planes, mesh models, line, point-line, scatter points, bar and pie charts
  • 3D scene settings with multiple light sources
  • 3D models importing in .obj format
  • Gigantic surface sizes of over 4096x4096, depending on available memory
  • Includes ViewPie3D, to visualize pie and donut charts in 3D
  • Linear and logarithmic axes


Maps enable using vector maps or on-line tile maps for visualization of geographic data. The maps are visualized in ViewXY, and allows combining e.g. routes, heatmaps, or arrows in the same visualization. The maps use equirectangular projection.

  • On-line tile maps: supports street maps and satellite imagery
  • Dozens of maps: World, continents, specific areas
  • Multi-layer: land, lakes, rivers, roads, cities etc
  • Map import from ESRI shape file data
  • Combining other XY series in the visualization
  • Axis scales presented in selectable geographic coordinates formatting

Polar charts

ViewPolar allows data visualization in a polar format. The data point position is determined by angular value and amplitude. Polar view also has versatile zooming and panning features.

  • Series types: line, scatter points, point-line, areas
  • Line colorization per amplitude, angle or data point value
  • Several polar axes per chart with unique rotation angles
  • Markers
  • Sectors

Smith charts

Specialized chart for radio frequency applications, like oscillator design and stability analysis. Allows simultaneous visualization of multiple parameters, like impedance, admittance, reflection coefficients scattering parameters and so on.

  • Absolute and normalized scales
  • Static distance and zoom adapting ticks and grid. Allows automatic generation of ticks and grid when zooming for better understanding of values, without cluttering the display.
  • Automatic zoom-to-fit for whole area or data only
  • Zooming and panning via ready-made mouse operations
  • Tick values always visible, even when zoomed in close
  • Data and grid clipping to graph area. You can show data also on outside of the graph.

Volume Rendering

Volumetric information plays an essential role in medicine, e.g. for an advanced cancer detection, visualization of aneurysms, and treatment planning. It is also used for non-destructive material testing via computer tomography or ultrasound. In addition, huge three-dimensional datasets are produced by geo seismic research, and can also be visualized by our Volume Rendering engine.

  • Separate Linear Transfer function for every channel
  • Volume Thresholding in accordance with voxels brightness for every channel
  • Dynamic modification of Voxel range
  • Manual or Automatic Adaptive sampling rate of volume data
  • Three options for Volume Rendering Ray function: accumulation, maximal intensity and isosurface
  • Combining 3D models and series in the same visualization

What’s NEW in LightningChart® .NET v.10.4.1


Lightningchart .NET UWP showcase App

In the previous version, LightningChart .NET offered different tools to implement the data tracking functionality, but all called for additional user coding.

The ViewXY series can now be explored using DataCursor. The series data value is displayed by this new class/object at or near the mouse position.

The DataCursor class consists of labels for the X and Y axes, a result table, a colour bar, and haircross lines. Each individual item of the DataCursor can be configured.

The visible property of the DataCursor is disabled by default to avoid any backward compatibility breaks. Each XY series has the CursorTrackEnabled property, which controls the DataCursor automated tracking on it.

Future updates will add a similar DataCursor feature to views like 3D, Polar, and Smith.

New Signal Processing Component:
Digital Filters

sampleDataBlockSeries wpf uwp winforms charts

Two new digital filter types have been added to LightningChart’s SignalTools: Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) and Finite impulse response (FIR) filters. The user just needs to set factors for filters (SetABFactors() or SetFactors methods respectively) and the signal is ready to be filtered (FilterData() method call).

The demonstration of usage could be found in our Interactive Examples App: ExampleSignalFilters.

net right chart
net left chart

Why LightningChart .NET?

LightningChart .NET is the fastest 2D & 3D data visualization SDK for WPF, WinForms and UWP. It has been actively developed since 2009.
The charting library contains over 170 interactive charts with rich functionality that is suitable for the creation of applications within the most demanding industries: science and research, engineering, economics and finance, trading, medicine, energy, space and defense


High – Performance

Entirely GPU accelerated chart control with a full optimization towards performance of charting components. Data visualization SDK that’s developed for presenting massive amounts of data with a minimal flickering and delays.



Wide range of 2D and advanced 3D charts for the most demanding industries. Fully customizable tools and flexibility for .NET developers with the most demanding applications.


Cost – Efficiency

Get the best value for your money. We provide the highest quality chart control and constantly strive to make it accessible for our customers. Read about our pricing here.

Take a look at our customers success stories

Find out what our customers have said about LightningChart’s exquisite performance and functionality as well as its comprehensive support.

“We’ve been using the WPF version of LightningChart for several years now, and we have never regretted this choice. We use it to visualize sound and vibration data in both 2D and 3D. The chart control is packed with features. It’s extremely fast, but also robust, very flexible, and highly customizable. The product comes with a huge set of samples with source code, so getting started is easy. Good support is essential when buying a third-party component, and the support given by LightningChart has really been outstanding. I will strongly recommend anyone looking for an advanced chart control to have a look at LightningChart!”
Geir Schjørlien, Software Engineer at Norsonic AS
May 2020

“Using Arction LightningChart, we were able to deliver a Class III medical research system in under 9 months. Development was very quick thanks to their huge library of examples.”

Patrick Miller, Principal Systems Engineer at Cardialen, Inc.
Michael Hammann, Software Engineering Lead at Blue Sages, Inc.

May 2020

“We are currently using a variation of the horizontal chart and we are satisfied with the many functions provided by LightningChart® .NET.
I want to give a particularly good score for customer support, it has been very professional and helpful.”

By Wanny, DAIMS
April 2020

“We are very satisfied with LightningChart’s performance. Despite its lightning-fast speed, we are amazed by the high quality of charts produced. What is worth to mention is their technical support: very responsive, fast and patient. The whole team has high professional knowledge and skills, which is why I am glad about the decision of choosing LightningChart.”

By Shengsong Liang, Software engineer in Shanghai Tieda Telecom Polytron Technologies co., Ltd
July 2019

“My project requires 240 XY graphs, and on each chart at least 144000 points needs to be saved. In the beginning I had some speed issues in the developing project, since other software products I tested couldn’t provide such big data rendering. LightningChart was exactly what I needed. When I was still evaluating LC, I found out that it didn’t get stuck at all even when reading such huge amount of data. GPU acceleration is brilliant! … “

By Qinglei Zhao, Development Manager in Jilin Yuandian technology co., Ltd
July 2019

“After the evaluation of different open source and commercial charting libraries for WPF, LightningChart was the only one truly GPU accelerated, optimized for real-time rendering. All the other charts evaluated use CPU for rendering, which performance can’t compete with GPU accelerated LightningChart and meet the complex business requirements…”

By Mr. Duan, Senior Engineer at Kunyi Electronics Technology (Shanghai) co., Ltd
August 2018

“A few years ago, we developed our own chart control for our NVH project because we couldn’t find a suitable chart library on the market. During that period, we faced a lot of problems such as a lack of time and energy to proceed with the development. The final charts were slow in rendering data and couldn’t utilize CPU and memory resources efficiently…”

By Professor Yan, Automotive Engineering department in South China University of Technology
November 2018

“We utilize WPF as our UI framework to improve the developers’ efficiency. We used other solution which was opensource, but there was some problem in the process of the project, for example, the performance was quite poor, that library didn’t support reverse coordinate and so on. After that, we tried LightningChart and one of its alternatives on the market…”

By Xiangdong, the senior software design engineer at Isimpletech
September 2017

“My project was looking to retire our ‘in house’ graphing package, and look for a 3rd party product to use instead. After weeks of research, no one came close to Arction’s graphing package. Its speed and feature set where unparalleled of the almost 12 packages I tried. I’ve been developing with them for two years now, and they have a great support forum, and address emails immediately. I recommend them, its a great product.”

greggorob64, Review from Visual Studio Marketplace
August 2016

“Products developed with LightningChart are highly effective and exceed our customers’ expectations. Compared to other charting components, LightningChart shows significant advantages when presenting a huge amount of data. It allows to visualize and analyses data in a more intuitive way.”

By Zhao Qichao, the CEO of KingFar International Inc
June 2017

“We are SOOO impressive on LC as it is really a product that greatly handles MASSIVE data in our real-time application. No delay nor choppy.”

Joel S, Review from Visual Studio Marketplace
April 2016

“LightningChart performs extremely well and real-time charts, heatmaps and 3D surfaces are the most advanced in the industry, IMO.”

S_Steph, Review from Visual Studio Marketplace
March 2016

“As the name suggests LightningChart is lightning fast when it comes to rendering large amounts of data. To add to it, behind this excellent product is a very helpful team who are experts in data visualization. The product is highly customizable and already caters to a vast number of requirements which a user may need…”

By Somesh Chatterjee, Visualization Architect at Oil & Gas industry
November 2016

“Its been a wonderful experience with LightningChart for us. We use it with large volume of data in Oil & Gas sector, and the visualization with LightningChart always meets our users performance expectations.”

Rajesh Bhairampally, Review from Visual Studio Marketplace
May 2016

“We have lots of real time data to display over long periods of time, Lightning chart is the first package we have used that can keep up without getting choppy.” “Their support has also been fantastic.”

J Lynn Esplin, Review from Visual Studio Marketplace
March 2016

“LC performance is simply outstanding. The WPF chart control is robust, mature, also very flexible and highly customizable. ” “I personally recommend LightningChart Ultimate for any data intensive application where no compromise in speed is the critical factor.”

Stefano Toniolo, Review from Visual Studio Marketplace
November 2013

“Although I am very hesitant to give our competitors a chance to use this powerful weapon, I am writing this positive review since I am deeply impressed by their professionalism. Thank you, Arction.”

Akiyoshi Shiotani, Review from Visual Studio Marketplace
December 2013

The highest performance on the market

.net trading charts wpf uwp winforms

LightningChart is an entirely GPU accelerated and performance optimized charting component that can display record-breaking amounts of data points in real-time. What does this mean for you?

  • Real-time monitoring without flickering or delays
  • High-resolution datasets
  • Smooth Interactivity
  • Efficient use of machine resources
  • Ability to render data with old machine hardware, maintaining all advantages mentioned above

Countless hours of product development and hard work of the LightningChart development team have resulted in LightningChart .NET becoming an absolute charting library with unmatched performance results that would impress even the most demanding developers in the industry.

We’ve made in-depth performance comparisons with different competitors and results demonstrate why LightningChart .NET is the number 1 provider of UWP charts, WPF charts, and Winforms charts.

We constantly strive for the highest performance indicators in the industry.

For the most demanding developers

NET wpf uwp winforms charts for developers

LightningChart includes a wide range of 2D, advanced 3D, Polar, Smith, 3D pies / donuts, Geographic maps & G.I.S. charts and Volume Rendering feature for science, engineering, medicine, aerospace, trading, energy and other fields.

Along with an outstanding performance, LightningChart charting library offers fully customizable tools and flexibility to the .NET developers within different industries.

Our technical support team is known for its ability to handle every challenge from our clients, so you will receive an unlimited dedicated support during your active subscription.

LightningChart provides the following Signal Tools



SignalReader generates real-time data stream reading signal files in different formats: WAV (PCM), sid (biosignal file), ssd (LightningChart Ultimate Demo application sample data format). The playback can be automatically restarted with looping option.



Reads real-time sampled data stream from sound card line-in (using e.g. microphone) through DirectSound. The data can be forwarded to chart, AudioOutput or your own data target.



SignalGenerator is a multi-functional signal generator component. It allows combining different waveform types into single, real-time output signal. The waveform components can be set with a built-in user interface or by code.



Converts data between time domain and frequency domain using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm in Digital Signal Processing (DSP).



Allows real-time data stream playback via sound card line-out (using e.g. speakers) through DirectSound. The data can be fetched from SignalGenerator, SignalReader, AudioInput or other data source.

Chart editions

For WPF, LightningChart charting component is available in different binding level editions, to balance between different performance and MVVM (Model – View – View-Model) bindability needs.

As a general starting point, LightningChart recommends Semi-bindable API.

For best performance in WPF and multithreading benefits, select Non-Bindable chart.

Chart edition Properties binding Series data binding Per-data-point binding Performance
WPF (non-bindable) unused ico unused ico unused ico 3speed ico
WPF (MVVM) used ico used ico unused ico 2speed ico
UWP (MVVM) used ico used ico unused ico 2speed ico
WinForms unused ico unused ico unused ico 3speed ico

General Information

  • Full mouse-interaction, touch screen support, custom mouse interactivity extensions
  • Cursors and Annotations, data colorizing with color palette, and full customizability of components
  • Data breaking by NaN or other specified breaking value, in selected series types
  • Numeric, Time, DateTime, Logarithmic, Geographic Coordinate System (GCS) and Custom axis scales
  • Professional 5-star technical support & Hundreds of chart examples
  • Full compatibility with Visual Studio 2022 & .NET 6

Rendering Technology

  • DirectX 11 & DirectX 9 support
  • Automatic software rendering with WARP in systems without graphics hardware and for virtual machines
  • Selectable fonts quality
  • HiDPI scaling support
  • Can be run in both 32-bit and 64-bit modes
  • Controllable anti-aliasing options

Didn’t find an answer?

Compatibility requirements

  • OS: 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Vista or later, Windows Server 2008 R2 or later.
  • DirectX: 9.0c (Shader model 3 and higher) or 11.0 compatible graphics adapter.
  • Visual Studio: 2010-2019 for development, not required for deployment.
  • Platform .NET Framework: installed version 4.0 or newer.

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