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About LightningChart JS

LightningChart® is registered trademark by LightningChart Ltd, a pioneer in high-performance charting. Ever since 2009 the LightningChart® team has studied different technologies. Prototyped, researched, and innovated new algorithms, which are now part of LightningChart® product lines, to produce the absolute best performance for those advanced applications that really need it. LightningChart® JS product line was first released in 2019. It is a WebGL-based, cross-platform charting library developed for delivering an exceptional chart performance.

Performance in JavaScript Charts

While almost all charts can provide with sufficient performance with 1000 data points, the differences really start to show when the data rates and series counts go up. All charts are just not designed for high data rates, and their Canvas/HTML5-based rendering is magnitudes slower than WebGL rendering used in LightningChart JS. So many chart library providers claim to have “extreme performance”, “high-performance charts”, or something even more outrageous and with absolutely no figures to back that claim up.

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The highest-performance JavaScript charting library focusing on real-time data visualization.