LightningChart® Development Work

Does this strike a chord in anyway: LightningChart would suit your needs, but there is just no time to implement and set-up everything. Do you need more developer resources to get you jumpstarted on your project? Congrats – you found it!

We added our services with LightningChart® Development Work Kits (DWK). It is a true value pack that complements LightningChart offering and its sole purpose is to speed up your project development, and accelerate time to production.

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What LightningChart Development Work Kit can do for you?

We can help with e.g. implementing best practices for data reading, loading etc. We can also program a proof-of-concept to showcase LightningChart’s suitability for your specific project or we can define optimal chart control / display settings for your project. Anything you might need to get your LightningChart powered project off the ground. The end goal for DWK is to speed-up building your application.

LightningChart® Development Work Kits

We offer three different, pre-thought, affordable sets to choose from depending of the needed scope.

20h dwk

DWK-20 (20 hours)


40h dwk

DWK-40 (40 hours)


80h dwk

DWK-80 (80 hours)


The cost of DWK is substantially low in comparison to value it provides, and typically doesn’t require time-consuming contractor-setup procedure even in the largest corporations

What is included?

Development Work Kits consist of agreed amount of senior level software development work related to LightningChart and Customer’s project. It can be consultancy, proof-of-concept programming, optimizations, data integrations or other development work. A developer is assigned to perform the work in professional & efficient manner. Schedules and all other needed specifications will also be clearly defined.

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Why should you utilize this service?

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Top knowledge

Directly from the creators of LightningChart®.

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You can concentrate on what you know best, your core work.

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You will get LightningChart running optimized for your project.

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More quality developer power to get your project up and running faster.

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The rights of the DWK work creatives will become your intellectual property.

There’s no better time to start than now

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By the way, we LOVE challenges, so even if you are not sure yet on exactly how we could help – contact us. We will help you to determine how we can really get your project flying.

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  • As a guideline, one Development Work Kit is available per customer. For larger amounts of work – Contact Us.
  • IPR rights exclude possible direct modifications in the charting libraries.