LightningChart .NET – Ultimate
High-Performance .NET Charts

About LightningChart® .NET

LightningChart® is a registered trademark by LightningChart Ltd, a pioneer in high-performance NET charts development. Since 2009, the LightningChart® team has been studying different technologies, prototyped, researched, and innovated in new algorithms that are now part of the LightningChart® product lines. As a result, LightningChart® has been able to produce the absolute best performance charting components for data-intensive applications that require the ultimate data visualization performance. The LightningChart® .NET product line has been developed since 2009 and is the fastest 2D & 3D data visualization SDK for WPF, WinForms, and UWP.

High-Performance .NET Charts 

LightningChart® .NET has been always characterized by its enormous visualization potential and throughout the years, every new version and update has improved its rendering scope to current level of several billions data points in real-time. Additionally, LightningChart® .NET has a clear focus on improving the User Experience by providing built-in features that support responsive and user-friendly charts. LightningChart® is a library that has surpassed from a million to a billion-rendering capacity, with more than 170 ways to visualize data, and cross-platform compatibility of high-performance NET charts.


Performance Benchmarking