Community License

A free for non-commercial use version of LightningChart JS
with the same high-performance and 100+ charts available.

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v 4.0

What is the Community License?

Now you can get all the same high-performance features of LightningChart JS but free to use for your non-commercial, personal, or university projects. Develop data visualization projects only with the highest performance JS charting library.

Charts available

  • By Type
  • By Industry

XY charts

xy chats

3D charts

3d charts

Trader charts

trader charts





Line Series

line series

Point Series

point series

Area Series

area series

Bar charts

bar charts



Radial & Polar charts

radial polar chart


maps chart

Medical applications

medicine industry

Trading and finance

trading finance industry

Vibration Analysis

vibration industry


motorsports industry

Industrial automation

Industrial automation

Aerospace and Defense

aerospace and defense



Energy, Oil & Gas

Energy Oil Gas



Automotive engineering

Automotive engineering

Scientific research

Scientific research

Industrial monitoring

Industrial process monitoring

What’s included in the package?

The latest version of LightningChart JS v4.0
100+ high-performance charts including 2D and 3D
Example source code
Right to use in public non-commercial websites and study projects.
Dedicated Stack Overflow support community
community license

Get started

There are 2 ways how to get the LightningChart JS Community License in your
JavaScript or TypeScript project:
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Direct .ZIP download

The library is distributed with a browser ready IIFE bundle. This bundle can be used directly in browsers with script tag. In our GitHub, you can see an example implementation of this script tag method.

All of our JS interactive examples can be used in the html page. To start using them, first find an interactive example you want to use from interactive examples online gallery.

Once you’ve found an example, click on Edit this example. At the bottom of the page click on the button that reads CJS. That will switch our code to be IIFE compatible. After that the code can be copied to the html page.

Download Package
npm icon 2

NPM install & user bundler

Install the library package from NPM.

npm install –save @arction/lcjs
This package can be used with any bundler that supports CommonJS. Some examples of bundlers that work are WebPack, Parcel and Rollup.

All of our JS interactive examples can be used as a seed project and they have been developed to standalone repositories available in our GitHub.

Need more help? Watch our video tutorials!

Setup your project and start creating charts


Get involved!

involved to lightningchart
Share your code examples and projects with us and build your visibility as JS a developer. We’ll publish the best projects in our LinkedIn,
Facebook, and Twitter.

Ask your own questions and help others to solve theirs using our LightningChart JS dedicated community in Stack Overflow. Just use the tag ‘lightningchart’ to access the knowledge base.

Happy Coding!

Please Note

The Community License is intended only for non-commercial use including universities and students, non-commercial websites, and non-commercial personal use. Commercial use is not permitted and the product contains a watermark. Support tickets are not included and the library source code is not available for extra purchase. Usage in corporations’ internal applications and installable redistributable applications (such as mobile apps) is not permitted. Commercial use is strictly forbidden.

If you’re intending to use LightningChart JS for commercial use, please see our pricing.