World's Fastest Rendering Data Visualization Controls for Building Stunning Apps

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World's Fastest Rendering Data Visualization controls for building stunning apps

lightningchart js dashboard
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JavaScript chart dashboard
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World's Fastest Rendering Data Visualization controls for building stunning apps

lightningchart js dashboard
trading chart javascript
EEG visualization showcase
signal chart filtres IIR FIR
JavaScript chart dashboard
Sweeping Line Chart
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Next-generation charting apps are built with LightningChart

LightningChart is the most powerful high-performance charts framework ready to fulfill any performance requirement.

Develop real-time and demanding data visualization applications thousands of times more powerful than any other charting library.

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Modern & cross-platform app development

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Integrate beautiful high-performance charts and dashboards into web, mobile, cloud, desktop, server, IoT, and intranet applications.

Faster development using our 10+ project templates available.

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android apple quasar react uno xamarin maui
android apple quasar react uno xamarin maui
android apple quasar react uno xamarin maui
android apple quasar react uno xamarin maui
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Beautiful data visualizations

Use LightningChart high-performance charts components as standalone dashboards or integrate them to users applications.

Adjust themes, colors, and features to your liking with fully customizable charts without compromising performance.

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Why performance matters in data visualization?

High-performance guarantees faster and more efficient components and applications.

The secret of LightningChart high-performance charts components is hardware-accelerated visualizations that unlock larger processing power and better user experiences made for intensive real-time applications.

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Graphics technologies

LightningChart JS and .NET use the latest WebGL and DirectX technologies, respectively.

WebGL and DirectX technologies secure that applications will redraw and update graphics at lightning speeds, handle more data, and reduce the computing power requirements.

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Benefits of GPU-acceleration

LightningChart high-performance charts components offload the heaviest computations to GPU's, which are relatively much more powerful than CPU's.

LightningChart’s visualization controls are GPU-accelerated charts rendered at the highest FPS and fastest load-up speeds.

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Most popular .NET charting control
in Visual Studio Marketplace
16 billion data points .net
LightningChart .NET
visualizes up to
1,000,000,000,000 DATA POINTS
2 billion data points js
LightningChart JS
visualizes up to
2,000,000,000 DATA POINTS
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More than
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Up to
1,000,000 TIMES FASTER

What users say about LightningChart

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“We needed a high-performance charts and graphic library dedicated to our real time data measurements that was performant enough to cope with the functioning speeds of our systems and with the high quantity of data involved. In that aspect, LightningChart fulfils its duty perfectly.”

By Raphael Ruis

“Using Arction LightningChart, we were able to deliver a Class III medical research system in under 9 months. Development was very quick thanks to their huge library of examples.”

Patrick Miller, Michael Hammann

“We are currently using a variation of the horizontal chart and we are satisfied with the many functions provided by LightningChart® .NET. I want to give a particularly good score for customer support, it has been very professional and helpful.”

By Wanny, DAIMS

“We are very satisfied with LightningChart’s performance. Despite its lightning-fast speed, we are amazed by the high quality of charts produced. What is worth to mention is their technical support: very responsive, fast and patient. The whole team has high professional knowledge and skills, which is why I am glad about the decision of choosing LightningChart.”

By Shengsong Liang

“My project was looking to retire our ‘in house’ graphing package, and look for a 3rd party product to use instead. After weeks of research, no one came close to LightningChart’s graphing package. Its speed and feature set where unparalleled of the almost 12 packages I tried. I’ve been developing with them for two years now, and they have a great support forum, and address emails immediately. I recommend them, its a great product.”

By greggorob64

“We are SOOO impressed on LC as it is really a product that greatly handles MASSIVE data in our real-time application. No delay nor choppy.”

Joel S

“LightningChart performs extremely well and real-time charts, heatmaps and 3D surfaces are the most advanced in the industry, IMO.”


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Download LightningChart

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LightningСhart JS

Best for developing web, mobile, desktop, IoT, Cloud, and Intranet applications that require fast data processing times.

The library features 100+ charts, examples source code, and 10+ framework templates including Angular, React, Quasar JS, Ionic, etc.

WebGL-rendered and GPU-accelerated charts for delivering the highest performance and the best user experience.

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LightningСhart .NET

Ideal for developing highly demanding desktop applications, e.g., scientific, engineering, finance, medicine, etc.

The library features 100+ chart types, signal tools, and examples source code supported in WinForms, UWP, and WPF.

Hardware-accelerated controls for lightning-fast rendering performance and efficient use of resources

Read our success stories

Husqvarna AB

Husqvarna has developed a software tool that measures real-time log data from the outdoor power tools’ motors and displays it in a chart using LightningChart high-performance charts.

Müller BBM-VAS

The PAK cloud services provide an infrastructure that enables data management across multiple data sources and applications, specifically designed to capture dynamic and physical data.


SES is working on developing a satellite telemetry web application featuring high-performance charts and data visualizations. This innovation will be used in SES satellite network operations center for controlling satellites and conveying offline historical data analysis.

Build beautiful & high-performance data visualization apps

download lightningchart