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LightningChart® JS: Changes in pricing on October 1st, 2021

LightningChart JS pricing changes will soon take place. From October 1st onwards, we will be adjusting our prices and there will be a price increase in some licenses.

The price change will affect the Single Developer license subscription type.

Price changes will be in full effect from October 1st, 2021, onward.

Why are we changing our prices?

This change reflects the extreme and unbeatable performance level LightningChart® JS achieves with the current performance results that give our users only major improvements in performance and user experience. The current performance results are already reflected within LightningChart JS’s latest version 3.1.0. 

We welcome all to experience what the most advanced and powerful data visualization library for JavaScript in the industry feels like! With any questions or quotation requests about the LightningChart JS pricing changes or any other matters, please contact our customer service.