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World’s Fastest JS Heatmaps!

Static & real-time heatmaps have hit the highest in the industry data visualization performance

A Huge Milestone for LightningChart JS v.3.1.0

Recently, version 3.1.0 of the LightningChart data visualization library for JavaScript was launched and included several new improvements. Some of these enhancements were the introduction of MapCharts and the performance and capabilities optimizations for Heatmaps

Today, we’re finally releasing the performance results of the tests conveyed between LightningChart JS Heatmaps and other commercial libraries. 

The results are not only impressive but by far, demonstrate the ultimate highest performing qualities and capabilities of our charting library.

Here are the results. 

World’s Fastest JavaScript Heatmaps

Within the performance tests, we measured the Heatmaps dimensions, e.g. 1000 x 1000 rows amounting to 1,000,000 data points. Additionally, the fastest JavaScript heatmaps performance is initially measured by the vital fact of whether if the heatmap renders or not, at a given dimension.

Once the chart has been rendered it is important to measure the load-up speed. In other words, how many seconds does the heatmap takes in order to be fully visible?

LightningChart JS Static Heatmaps Results

The following image demonstrates why LightningChart’s heatmaps are the highest-performing heatmaps in the industry, benchmarking 35000×35000 data points, in other words: 1,225,000,000 data points against LightningChart JS previous version (v.3.0.0) that visualized 16,000,000 data points.

The closest competitor to LightningChart results is the competitor “D”, reaching 9,000,000 data points.

Yes, the difference is huge…

Fastest JavaScript Heatmaps - Static Heatmaps results

LightningChart JS Refreshing and Appending Heatmaps Results

For these types of Heatmaps, we used the following performance metrics to measure capabilities:

  • Frames Per Second
  • CPU Usage in %
  • Maximum and Optimized data rendering amount.

LightningChart real-time heatmaps can visualize up to 196 million data points at the outstanding 115 FPS result with a CPU usage of 46%.


Fastest JavaScript Heatmaps Text

How Fast Are JavaScript Heatmaps?

LightningChart® JS heatmaps are able to perform 13,800x faster & more efficiently than non-hardware-accelerated competitors whilst 835x faster & more efficiently than hardware-accelerated competitors. 

Need more visualization power? LightningChart® renders up to 196 million data points for real-time heatmaps with only a 46% CPU usage.

Don’t miss the chance to start developing demanding data-driven applications and test LightningChart® JS heatmaps right from your browser!