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LightningChart JS v.3.4.0 has been released!

Learn more about the latest performance improvements & new chart types!

Palleted line series

We’ve now launched the 3 different palleted lines features: X palleted line, Y palleted line, and the Value palleted lines.

These visualizations are generally desired for painting lines that exceed some threshold differently, or some region of line differently. In this visualization type, the color can dynamically change based on a separate user-supplied dataset, or X/Y coordinates. Here are some interactive examples of an X palleted line example and a Y palleted line example.

Notice that using the paletted line coloring doesn’t have any detrimental effect on performance for the line series visualizations, the performance continues to be the highest in LightningChart JS v3.4.

Below you can see an example of the Value palleted lines:

LightningChart JS v3.4-palleted-lines-support

Line charts visualization improvements

Now in LightningChart JS v3.4, all the 2D line visualizations will now look visually smoother and sharper. The difference can be spotted immediately without having to apply any zooming.

Here you can see the old smoothness of a line series example (left) VS the new rendering smoothness of the same example (right).

New geographical data visualization examples

Another visualization added is the drill-down Covid-19 map dashboard that showcases a combination of both a map chart and XY features that implement multi-dimensional data visualization. 

LightningChart JS v3.4-drill-down-covid-map-chart-dashboard

Lastly, we’ve added the animated Covid-10 vaccination coverage chart which showcases XY features on top of a map chart.

LightningChart JS v3.4 official support for data gaps in 2D line charts

Data gaps are a very common term in data visualization. For example, in trading, there are generally no data points during the time when stock offices are closed. Sometimes, these “gaps” are specifically removed in charts, like below for example.

LightningChart JS v3.4-data-gaps-support-for-trading-charts

LightningChart JS v3.4 has several new additions, changes, and improvements that can be seen in the ChangeLog.

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