Real-time data monitoring JavaScript Chart

Multi-channel real-time data monitoring Line Chart

Lightning-fast Line Chart visualization over multiple channels that progress on the same X Axis

Widely used in all kinds of fields for monitoring live data from many (hundreds or even thousands) of data sources at the same time.

Frames rendered per second (FPS) is recorded live, and displayed on the Chart title. FPS of 40-60 indicates a smooth running performance.

Automatic data cleaning

In infinitely scrolling applications, cleaning old out of view data is extremely crucial;
in this example LineSeries.setMaxPointsCount method is used to enable automatic data cleaning.
For reference, see also LineSeries.setDataCleaningThreshold.

The setMaxPointsCount method sets the amount of data points, that will always be retained in the series head (latest data).
The full conditions for valid data cleaning are:

  1. There is a considerably large chunk of data out of view (visible data is not cleaned!).
  2. If the chunk is removed, the amount of data that remains is still more than max points count.

In practice, this results in an application where you can even scroll back for some distance and see older data, but if you scroll far enough, you will find that the old data has been cleaned. This allows the application to run forever!