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Brand-New Themes for LightningChart® Interactive JavaScript Examples

14 new theme styles have been added to the Interactive JavaScript Charts Examples

`darkGold’, `darkGreen’, or `duskInLapland’ are some of the 14 new themes for the Interactive JavaScript Charts by LightningChart® that have just been added to the Interactive Examples.

New 14 Themes Added to the Interactive JavaScript Charts Online Examples

With the introduction of LightningChart® JavaScript version 3.1.0, several new features were added, improved, fixed, and even deprecated. Important additions such as MapCharts and Heatmaps improvements highly resonate in the highest-performing charting library for JavaScript.

However, there are about 60+ enhancements you can find in the changelog and 14 of those are the new themes we’ve just added to the interactive JavaScript charts examples.


Some of these new themes are coming to replace previous versions. So every theme with the suffix `New’ will replace those with the same new without the suffix `end’.

Why Adding New Interactive JavaScript Charts Themes?

In order to continue providing the best UX to all of our users and clients, we decided to renew the aspect of our JavaScript Interactive Examples which is not only limited to the looks of these. Our 100+ chart types will also now perform better in the following aspects:

      • Most Theme series style properties now support Palette definition optionally as well.
      • The `OnScreenMenu` feature was added and can be used to create UI controls over the chart.

Figure 1. New themes added

Learn More About LightningChart® JS

To get access to the new version of LightningChart® JS v.3.1.0, including 60+ enhancements, you can download the Free Community License for no commercial purposes or see our pricing but you can always interact with the online examples for FREE!

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