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New Data Visualization Templates for Application Development

Kickstart your mobile, web & desktop app development with 10+ free templates for iOS, ASP.NET, Xamarin, and more!

Easily integrate LightningChart JS charting library into your development project

The new data visualization templates are part of a series of 10+ templates that’ll ease the development and integration of the LightningChart JS powerful charting controls into your mobile, web, and desktop application.

These new templates serve as a starting point for your data-driven projects to visualize complex and large amounts of data using all the state-of-the-art features of the LightningChart library for JavaScript.

ASP.NET, iOS, Xamarin, Uno Platform, and Electron are five more frameworks that we’ve just added to the LightningChart JS templates for development which you can select a template from and build your own solution on top of it.

Frameworks Available for the Data Visualization Templates

In order to continue providing the best application development experience, we’ve enlarged the availability of ready-made pre-built templates to:

 Happy coding!

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