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Blazor is open-source and free web application framework for .NET. With Blazor you can run Web applications in your .Net projects. This allows developers to design their applications with C#, HTML and CSS languages. It’s also possible to use JavaScript as well to create great interactive apps. This means using our LightningChart JS on desktop applications is a lot more approachable to a lot more developers.

LightningChart JS in Blazor template - XY chart
LightningChart JS in Blazor template - 3d-chart

How to get started?

Run on WebAssembly or the server. Run C# code in the browser by using WebAssembly, it allows using your .NET code and libraries. Or alternatively run client logic (i.e. browser) on a server. So now you can use LightningChart JS in your .NET project and keep your app logic purely C#. We made a project template for you to quickly start using LightningChart JS with Blazor, get our Blazor template here and start creating!

Happy coding!