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Kickstart your Xamarin Application Development project with LightningChart JS data visualization template

A great way to start with your Xamarin application development is to use a ready-made template to integrate the powerful LightningChart data visualization library into your data-driven projects.

Using Xamarin to easily create a proof of concept can help you reduce the development time of data visualization projects that require powerful charting controls.

Xamarin is an open-source cross-platform environment for building modern and high-performing applications for iOS, Andriod, and .NET.

Additionally, LightningChart has launched 10+ data visualization templates that’ll help you implement LightningChart JS charting library into your different desktop, mobile, and web applications development.

Getting Started with the Xamarin Application Development Template

To get started with the Xamarin Application Development template and using the repository, you’ll need a code editor such as the most recent version of Visual Studio.

Sending data from C# to LightningChart JS

This applies when using the MVC framework, as the controller will manage and respond the user’s input and interactivity which will consequently retrieve the data from the model for the line series (2D chart) and 3D chart. To transfer data from Controller to View, use ViewData.

For 2D charts

string data_array = "[{'x':1, 'y':20},{'x':2,'y':33},{'x':3, 'y':42},{'x':4,'y':52}]";


var point = GenerateLineSeries(1, 50);

// Transfer data from controller to View.

ViewData["DataPoints"] = data_array;

return View();

For 3D charts

// setting number of series and points to be generated in each series.

var point = GeneratePointSeries(6, 10);

// Transfer data from controller to View.

ViewData["DataPoints"] = point;

return View();

This Xamarin mobile development template is part of a series of data visualization templates that can be downloaded directly from GitHub. You can also check the rest of the ready-made data visualization templates available for Android, iOS, Xamarin, React, UNO Platform, and more!

Happy coding!