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Brand New Release: LightningChart JS v.3.2.0 is out now!

Learn more about the 30+ fixes, additions, and changes that come to this new version.

Continuous improvements & innovations for LightningChart JS

We constantly strive for perfection for LightningChart charting libraries and today, we’re launching the next version of LightningChart for JavaScript.

LightningChart JS v.3.2.0 includes a considerable number of changes, improvements, and additions as well as newly added APIs to help you integrate LightningChart into your projects more easily!

One of the most important changes we decided to include in this version was leaving out the Performance Penalty for those users of the free Community License.

The Performance Penalty was a small decrease in general performance which was mostly seen when having a dashboard with multiple charts. This was an on-purpose detail that would only occur for those using a community license

Well, that penalty is gone.

APIs, New Formatting Features & a Primitive Draw Mode for LightningChart v.3.2.0

Within the new APIs we’ve just added, there is a new API for easy modification of the formatting of cursor ticks. You can use AxisTickStrategy.setCursorFormatter() to modify the formatting.

A second API added will allow you to set the thickness of the axis making it much easier to match the formatting of multiple XY charts.

New formatting features

Now it is possible to display date-time information on cursors hovering by default. See image.

LightningChart v.3.2.0 - DateTime cursor formatting

Primitive Draw Mode

LightningChart JS now supports a primitive draw mode for the 3D LineSeries and for the PointLineSeries.

This feature can be used for improving performance of the chart by reducing line depth perception.

LightningChart js v.3.2.0

30+ Improvements are added now to LightningChart v.3.2.0!

More than 30 additions, fixes, and changes are now included in LightningChart JS v3.2.0.

If you want to learn more about this new release and all the changes included, check out the full post!