Data Visualization controls for Desktop software developers

Since 2007 LightningChart has developed high-performance data visualization controls,
to serve all industries and greatest companies and scientific research institutes in the world. We are the pioneers who invented high-performance charts.

LightningChart® .NET

LightningChart® .NET is our top-of-the-line data visualization toolkit for Microsoft Visual Studio developers, to create amazing, extremely performing, WPF, UWP or WinForms applications. We are a pioneer in GPU-acceleration technologies and we made advanced signal processing visualizations possible with affordable pricing for all developers with our DirectX-based charting engines.

The LightningChart® .NET data visualization controls (Download the 30-days free trial edition) contains clever Interactive Examples, which can be used to browse through different charting categories and play around with the mouse or touch screen. Example’s source code can be extracted as stand-one Visual Studio C# project, to start the development easily.

Lightningchart .NET interactive examples

LightningChart® JS

LightningChart® JS completes our offering in data visualization controls. It is a JavaScript-based charting toolkit, GPU-accelerated (WebGL), providing very advanced features for building lightning-fast solutions for web pages, mobile, and desktop. It’s compatible practically with all major JavaScript frameworks, and can be integrated with e.g. Electron JS framework to make cross-platform desktop applications.

Lightningchart JS Interactive Examples