Charts for Medical applications

LightningChart’s very first use case was to provide charting capabilities, or charts for medical applications, a real-time EEG / ECG / EMG monitoring system. Focusing on GPU acceleration and extreme code optimization made it possible.

By 2021, LightningChart has helped around 100 of the most important medical corporations in providing top solutions for their customers, with LightningChart® .NET.

The applications typically are real-time monitoring applications, such as patient monitors, EEG, or ECG strip recorders, and provide analytics for the collected data.

These applications do not consist only of 2D graphics, but also 3D graphics, visualizing biomedical data as 3D body models, head models, and brains. The volume Rendering feature of LightningChart® .NET enables CT scans to be visualized efficiently.

Lightningchart charts for Medical applications

LightningChart® JS enables building very similar applications for web / mobile/cross-platform desktop with a visualization scope of millions and billions of data points for both of our charting libraries, JavaScript and .NET, respectively. 

Charts for medical applications or something else?

If your project requires charts for medical applications or further features, you can always contact our Customer Advice specialists who will be happy to solve any of your inquiries.