Data Visualization solutions for Instrumentation

LightningChart® .NET is perfect data visualization toolkit for building custom instruments, such as Oscilloscopes and Spectrum analyzers. LightningChart comes with signal waveform displays, eye-patterns and persistent signal waveforms with memory. It has scrolling /sweeping / stepping XY signal charts and level triggering.

With record-breaking performance up to several billions of data points plotted in real-time, it’s able to sustain monitoring with high refresh rates and save CPU resources for other tasks. This is why we think, you should consider this charting library when choosing your data visualization solutions for instrumentation.

Take a look at our real-life examples on how our customers in different industries utilize LightningChart.

Lightningchart .NET Oscilloscope Lissajous persistent signal

LightningChart® JS allows creating signal waveform and spectrograms effortlessly, and provides amazing way to build multi-channel dashboards for advanced digital signal processing applications.

Lightningchart js audio visualization showcase