Charts for Energy, Oil & Gas

LightningChart® chart controls serve a lot of companies in energy sector. The energy industry includes corporations involved e.g in the exploration, extraction and refining of oil & gas reserves. But energy industry also includes other power utility companies such as renewable energy, electrical power and nuclear power companies. Our customers utilize our charting library for example in:

  • energy production monitoring, such as windmill farms, solar power plants, nuclear power plants and gas engines
  • seeking of dwells, oil & gas, and downhole systems
  • electricity distribution networks
  • condition monitoring of drilling equipment, and oil & gas pipelines
Very advanced 3D charts and maps in LightningChart serve these industries well. So LightningChart charting library has everything that’s essential for charts for energy, oil & gas industries.

Take a look at our real-life examples on how our customers in different industries utilize LightningChart. Forum Energy Technologies is a global oilfield products company, serving in the drilling, subsea, completions, production and infrastructure sectors of the oil and gas industry.

Lightningchart Charts for Energy Oil Gas