Date of case study: 11/2021
Industry of business: Aerospace Engineering
Established: 1985
LightningChart solution: JS Step Series


SES specializes in delivering high-performance mobile network connections, broadcasting, real-time intelligence for peacekeepers, and media content for even the most remote locations in the world.

SES is a global organization that focuses on providing high-performance video and virtual data solutions. Today, SES has the greatest coverage with more than 70 satellites operating in two different orbits.

The secret of SES is in the combination of a smart network of satellites that collate together with world-class ground infrastructure driven by industry-leading expertise.

SES has more than 30 years of experience successfully driving innovation and keeping communities, businesses, organizations, and governments connected to enjoy digital media connectivity anywhere around the globe.

What is SES currently working on?

Currently, SES is working on developing a satellite telemetry web application featuring high-performance data visualizations. This innovation will be used in SES satellite network operations center for controlling satellites and conveying offline historical data analysis.


Figure 1. SES Satellite Telemetry Web Application

Why did you choose LightningChart® JS?

Our main requirement was to integrate a high-performance plotting library into a web browser-based application. The requirements we were searching for were a live sample rate of 10Hz and the number of maximum points per plot of 6,000,000 samples. In that case, LightningChart JS is the right library for us.

“The team decided to select LightningChart due to the outstanding plotting performance and easy integrability with our web browser-based tool.”.

Sebastian Pfeifer

SES S.A. | Software Engineer, Software Systems

What was your experience with LightningChart® Tech Support?

LightningChart is easy to integrate and has great performance and GPU usage. So far, we have had a good experience with the tech support and their reaction time is great. After reporting a bug and requesting a small enhancement, we received the updates in a few weeks within a new release.

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