3D Chart Control

If you are looking for the fast and customizable chart controls, you have come to the right place. LightningChart .NET for WPF, UWP and Windows Forms outperforms all the competition when it comes to speed, and offers a rich variety of chart control types – from line, scatter and bar charts to complex 3D charts, contour charts, heat map charts, area charts, polar charts, pie charts and candle-stick trading charts.

The development team at LightningChart has spent years in research to create the most lightweight and fast graphical API for .NET applications, which utilizes custom low-level graphical routines with no compromises on high-level usability. LightningChart is built with our proprietary DirectX rendering techniques instead of relying on GDI/GDI+/WPF graphics, making the chart control performance stand out from the competition by other .NET chart controls, as the benchmarks show.

Applications built with LightningChart SDK easily handle extreme high load real-time charts without downsampling. Our API lets apps visualize millions of data points with incredible stability and power efficiency, thanks to innovative proprietary CPU overhead saving techniques designed by LightningChart.

LightningChart supports rendering of complex 3D scenes with high-poly meshes, GPU-processed coloring and dynamic lighting. Here at LightningChart, we have seen our chart controls applied to create industry-grade engineering and financial applications. Download LightningChart’s chart control and see what it can do for you!

LightningChart Features:

  • Superior 2D and 3D rendering performance
  • Real-time data monitoring optimization
  • Full hardware acceleration
  • Great customer support
  • Multitouch compatibility
  • Visual Studio 2005 – 2015 compatibility
  • Online and offline maps out of the box
  • Audio I/O components included

Chart examples

LightningChart .NET

Do you need advanced .NET data visualization components? Take a look at LightningChart .NET charts, the fastest and most advanced WPF, UWP & WinForms data visualization toolkit ever made.