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LightningChart .NET for WPF, UWP and Windows Forms – the Ultimate data visualization SDK with a rich collection of chart components and diverse functionality. With the WPF charts becoming a no-brainer for scientific, engineering and financial Windows desktop applications, LightningChart brings you the fastest chart components in the industry. LightningChart supports rendering of complex 3D scenes with high-poly meshes, custom surface shaders and dynamic lighting. Here at LightningChart, we have seen our API applied to many awesome industry-grade applications.

WPF, Windows Form & UWP (Universal Windows Platform) chart components are supported by LightningChart. Whichever API you choose, you are getting access to a great number of graph types, including 2D XY graph, 3D XYZ, polar, smith and 3D pie/donut views. Native tools and chart component supplied with SDK let you easily develop a custom engineering or scientific application which looks and functions precisely in a desired way, suiting your specific tasks.

LightningChart offers simple, yet powerful, API to create an applications ranging from simple ad hoc prototypes to industry-standard professional solutions. Chart component – with years of experience and real commitment for overall customer service. To get started, download our chart component now!

LightningChart Features:

  • Entirely GPU accelerated
  • Real-time data monitoring optimization
  • Great customer support
  • Superior 2D and 3D rendering performance
  • Full touch compatibility
  • Visual Studio 2005 – 2015 compatibility
  • Online and offline maps out of the box
  • Massive data set support
  • Audio I/O components included

Chart examples

LightningChart .NET

Do you need advanced .NET data visualization components? Take a look at LightningChart .NET charts, the fastest and most advanced WPF, UWP & WinForms data visualization toolkit ever made.