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LightningChart .NET v.10.3.2 has been released!

More performance, more features, and new pricing.

New features added to the TradingChart control

We’ve added seven new technical indicators to the TradingChart control. These are:

  • Accumulation/Distribution
  • Average Directional Index
  • Commodity Channel Index
  • Ichimoku Cloud
  • On-Balance Volume
  • Parabolic Stop-and-Reverse (PSAR)
  • Percentage Price Oscillator
TradingChart Technical Indicators

TraderChart control displaying all the featured technical indicators

The TradingChart control features now five new drawing tools. These are:

  • Elliot Wave
  • Head and Shoulders
  • Pitchfork
  • Triangle
  • XABCD Pattern

TraderChart control displaying all the available drawing tools

Altogether, LightningChart .NET features now 10+ drawing tools and 20+ technical indicators, including the previously released Aroon, Rate of Change, TRIX, and Williams Percentage Range.

Additional features for the LineSeriesCursor

The TrackLineSeries and SolveYValue features are now available for the LineSeriesCursor. These features help to customize the Cursor tracking behavior.

The TrackLineSeries is Predicate to determine if the cursor should draw/resolve the TrackPoint for a series implementing ITrackable interface.

The SolveYValue feature overrides LineSeriesCursor’s Y-value solving/tracking method.

Func (predefined generic) delegate type can be used with an anonymous method or lambda expression.



Performance improvements & additional features

In this release, we improved the rendering speed for the 3D Spectrograms by a 50%. Additionally, the 2D Spectrograms’ performance increased by about a 20%.

Many minor errors have been fixed in the library code and we added new examples in our Interactive Examples App. Those newly added examples demonstrate the new features of LineSeriesCursor and potency of library in EEG data visualization. To access the changelog, please visit the LightningChart portal.

EEG Data Visualization

EEG Data Visualization

New Pricing

For all our .NET customers, we kindly inform you that in order to cope with the impact of inflation, the prices of all LightningChart .NET licenses will rise by 10% starting from August 1st.

This price change will not affect those invoices and quotations sent out before August 1st. For more information about our new pricing, please visit our pricing page or contact us at [email protected]

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