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LightningChart .NET v.10.2.1 has been released!

Learn more about the latest improvements in compatibility and optimizations.

Main Changes

We’re happy to announce the third major release of the LightningChart® .NET product line. This LightningChart .NET v.10.2.1 focuses heavily on compatibility improvements. Mainly, we have resolved the issue with .NET Core 3. x and the .NET 5.0 application and added support for .NET 6.0.

In addition, we solved the issue with UWP charts, making now the charting application fully compatible with Microsoft Store.

LightningChart .NET v.10.2.1 Compatibility

We announce the full compatibility of LightningChart .NET v.10.2.1 WinForms and WPF components with .NET application. Also, we’ve added support for .NET 6.0.

UWP Charts Compatibility with Microsoft Store

The UWP charts have been introduced previously in LightningChart 10.0.1. Before it was possible to create and deploy UWP applications, but the requirements for submission to Microsoft Store were not met.

Now the issue is solved and the LightningChart UWP application can be configured to run on all supported architectures (x86, x64, ARM, ARM64).


This advanced line series was first introduced in the LightningChart .NET 10.1 release. The SampleDataBlockSeries is a fully optimized line series for real-time applications. Now, in this release, we have improved the performance and stability of SampleDataBlockSeries.


Other Improvements & Features

In this new release, LightningChart .NET offers further improvements such as:

  • Better support for DPI awareness and per-monitor awareness.
  • A new half doughnut/donut chart has been added.
  • A new feature that allows canceling rectangle zooming in ViewXY, ViewPolar, and ViewSmith by pressing Esc-key.
  • Annotation behavior and appearance were improved.
  • Two new additional technical indicators have been added to the TradingChart visualization.

The interactive examples demo app has new examples: LiDAR, Half-donut, N-body simulation.

See the official release changelog for all the details!