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LightningChart JS v.4.0.0 has been released!

Beautiful charts, introducing the DataGrid component, new color Themes, and more.

Beautiful Charts

We know that data visualization goes beyond simply understanding data. As of today, DV has become a field with the freedom of expressing beautiful formatted visualizations and dashboards for displaying data that engages.

This is our new approach: communicate data using our Next Generation Color Themes and help our users display Beautiful Charts in their applications.

lightningchart js v4.0 themes

The new color themes included in this v.4.0.0 release are:

  • darkGold
  • cyberSpace
  • turquoiseHexagon
  • light
  • lightNature

Would you like to create your own Next-Gen color themes?

We invite our users to recreate their own next-generation Color Themes. You’ll find all the necessary tools for recreating your own themes along with the 4.0.0 version of LightningChart JS.

Introducing the DataGrid Component

The DataGrid component is a novel feature introduced as a stand-alone component that can allocate numbers and text grids.

Additionally, the DataGrid component has built-in formatted coloring and spark charts for displaying historical trends in small spaces.


DataGrid Component

Notice that even though the DataGrid component becomes available in this 4.0.0 release, it is sold separately as an expansion pack for LightningChart JS users.

For more information and pricing, see the DataGrid Product Page.

Sweeping Line Charts

One of the major additions to LightningChart JS 4.0 is the partial support for sweeping line chart applications which are widely used in the medical industry.

Sweeping Line Chart


Visual Improvements

In this release, we put a special focus on detailing the looks of LightningChart JS visualizations. We’ve included:

  • Fixes for reported issues with mushy, blurry or too bold text within light themes.
  • Subtle shadows behind text, series, legend, default colors, styles, and fonts.
  • An extra dept to visualizations for a more vivid appearance.

Notice that all these improvements do not compromise performance as LightningChart components have the power to improve design and looks without compromising a smooth user experience.

Performance Improvements

As part of this major release, we have put special attention on improving performance:

  • We have seriously increased how LightningChart JS performs mouse picking interactions. For instance, a slow mouse picking uses a high volume of computational resources from the application. In this release, users can now attach custom events when a complicated visualization is clicked or dragged.
  • The initial loading speed of all the charts has improved by 10-20 milliseconds. This improvement removes the difficulty of initial loading optimization for some charts.
  • 3D line chart users of LightningChart JS 3.3/3.4 can now experience an performance improvement of 10x – 100x.

Developer Experience


Now developers can easily controlled what is displayed on the top and the bottom of the visualization. The setDrawOrder method solves this problem easily.


Top and bottom text annotations

Change Title Position

We are now introducing the change title position, a convenient method for end-users to moving the ChartXY title between the default and handful key locations.

Auto Cursor

Now the auto cursor works above the series. There is no longer need to disable the series interactions in order to display the cursor.  

New Features

By default, most LCJS charts are interactive. The most common interactions are features like “data cursors”, “panning”, and “zooming”. Going further, it is commonly required to be able to add custom interactions to charts.

For example, clicking on a chart to add a marker, dragging on a data trend to highlight a range of the data, or hovering over data to show possible actions or more information.


Mouse Interactions

Some of the already familiar methods from 2D mouse interactions will be added to 3D interactions. Some of the methods included are onMouseMove, onMouseDrag, onTouchStart, etc. 

We’ve also included new interaction performance improvements relevant for those users who might have previously disabled the interactions due to performance reasons. 

Example of mouse interactions

Animated Highlighting of Focused Components

By placing the mouse over a Legend, or a component directly, it will display a highlight animation giving more life to your visualizations.

Animated Highlighting

Migrating to v.4.0

As for this major release, make sure you follow the version migration guide to quickly get familiar with the new changes and learn how to adjust them.

Get started with LightningChart JS v.4.0