Date of case study: 9/2017
Industry of business: Financial Technology
Established: 2016
Website: www.kuma.capital

FXVolQuant: Data driven edge for foreign exchange traders

Developed and supported by kuma.capital, FXVolQuant is a data-driven insights, analytics and strategy alerts platform for FX (foreign exchange) and FX derivatives traders. FXVolQuant systematically monitors dozens of foreign exchange volatility surfaces in real time, delivering powerful pre-trade analytics and actionable data-driven insights to the FX and FX derivatives markets.
Kuma Capital
FXVolQuant User Interface with fast access to alerts, strategies and other dashboards
FXVolQuant allows to:

  • Isolate asymmetric trading opportunities, attractively priced spreads, vol efficient structuring alternatives and theoretical option mispricings across directional strategies, outright volatility tactics, skew, term-structure, intermarket vols and FX correlations.
  • Customize FX volatility dashboards and generate personalized reports of FX option strategy screens, ranking systems and chart packs.
  • Receive reports on strategy research and high conviction trade ideas as well as real-time, quick burst alerts from the library of quantitative trading signals, relative value monitors, and FX strategy trackers.
Russell Floyd, the CEO of Kuma Capital LLC, describes how LightningChart is utilized in their product:

“We use a lot of Timeseries, Bars, Scatters & Stock Charts.  We use LightningChart in our WPF app with the Non-binding approach which keeps it lightweight and performing at the run time.  We like features such as Linear & Polynomial Regression which saves us all the calculation at our end and plots the curve out of the box for us.”

Kuma Capital
FXVolQuant Foreign exchange Volatility Cones

Simplicity of usage and developers’ productivity

Mr. Floyd opens their decision process behind choosing the component:

“When we were evaluating charting products, our top priority was a lightweight super performing charting component. We wanted to provide our end users with the best experience while they visualize/analyze over millions of data points.  While we found very few products which met our criteria, where LightningChart stood out was their simplicity and developer productivity.”

He also adds that the LightningChart component was easily integrated within their product.  Mr. Floyd appreciates documentation which he considers to be very helpful, and sample app Gallery which boosted productivity further by demonstrating every chart and feature along with the code base.
The best thing in LightningChart for Kuma Capital purposes lies in the developers’ productivity:

“We like how various charts use the same underlying framework making it easy for a developer to write common functions for all charts provided.  Also how LightningChart scales high volume data along various axes is amazing.“

— Russel Floyd, CEO

Kuma Capital
FXVolQuant Dashboard for Volatility real-time monitoring

Great support and proactive customization service

Mr. Floyd values the high level of support and customization services provided by LightningChart:

“The team at LightningChart has been very supportive and flexible offering customizations as needed.  Our experience with the support team has been great.  The support team has been super prompt in their response and never made us feel the geographical distance and/or separate time zones we are on.”

He continues that all their expectations concerning customization services were met and even exceeded:

“We needed to control the deployment of LC components on end user’s machine and keep the footprint as small as possible.  The LC team helped us by providing a custom build using which we keep our package size under the limit. LightningChart team has always been proactive and delivered before time.

We are a data analytics company and LightningChart allowed us to dramatically increase our visualization product offerings, resulting in an increased/improved feature set and better traction with users.”   

Kuma Capital
FXVolQuant Foreign exchange derivatives reports
Kuma Capital
FXVolQuant Dashboard with Relative value metrics
Kuma Capital
FXVolQuant Dashboard for analyzing Long and Short Volatility opportunities
Watch the video to see how LightningChart was integrated into FXVolQuant developed by Kuma Capital: