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Date of case study: 03/2021
Industry of business:Vibration measurement and analysis
Established: 1991 (as VisualSoft Ltd)
LightningChart solution: XY charts, 3D charts and Signal Tools

LLC ViCont

ViCont was established in 1991 by a team of like-minded people with passion in creating vibration control systems of turbine units. Over the past 15 years, their equipment has been widely distributed at the facilities of oil and gas industry due to the product’s high reliability, full compliance with regulatory requirements and attractive cost. All equipment’s manufactured by ViCont LLC have been properly certified.

The company has accumulated vast experience in development and production of measuring instruments for vibration control and mechanical values. In addition, most of the developers, the backbone of the company, have either been working in there for more than 10 years, or even from the moment the company was founded. ViCont highly values their experienced and close-knit team, and truly thinks it is the key to high culture of production and quality of the products.

ViCont’s products for Vibration measurement and analysis

The first product developed by the company was the stationary vibration control system of steam turbine units named KASKAD-SYSTEM. Its high reliability, modular structure, channel independence, ease of implementation, and maintenance, were truly appreciated by consumers.

The company also developed measuring channels for mechanical quantities purposes as well as portable vibrometers of the series VK-5M and VK-6 which were used to monitor the vibration level of the equipment. Additionally, the vibrometers were used to calibrate and verify transducers, portable shaker VSV-131, and the stationary electrodynamic vibration unit VSV-133. (Source: ViCont website)

High-quality charting tool - 3D charts and Signal Tools in use

Picture 1. 3D charts and Signal Tools in use

How has ViCont benefited from LightningChart .NET?

In their software, ViCont visualizes vibration trends (time series), oscillograms and orbits based on our XY charts, and signal spectrum and spectrograms as XY and 3D charts. They chose LightningChart .NET as their software’s charting component after a careful evaluation of multiple products available in the market. The most significant advantage for ViCont was high-performance and available functions and informative examples which greatly reduced the time to deliver the software into markets.

Customizable features, flexible annotations, impressive UI controls and other useful features such as solve nearest, bands, and points highlights by defined criteria were also listed as the best attributes of LightningChart. ViCont states that the Gold package delivered exactly the necessary features they were looking for from a high-quality charting tool. They also appreciated the quality of the documentation and the responsiveness of the support services.

High-quality charting tool - 3D charts and Signal Tools in use

Picture 2. XY charts and 3D charts in use

LightningChart reduced the time of delivering the software into market

Alexander Tokaev, CEO/CTO of LLC ViCont states that as they are developing signal and trend analysis software, the core of the product is high-quality data visualization. Using LightningChart allowed him to bring their new generation software into market extremely fast. “Due to such high-quality charting tool, we are able to deliver product with unmatched performance and features to our customers”, says Tokaev. He also mentions that it is crucial to have the ability to handle couple orders of magnitude more data in charts than before which in turn brings the signal analysis capability and performance to a whole new level. More on vibration analysis & research, read also our case study with Vibration Research and charts for vibration analysis page.