Date of case study: 06/2021
Industry of business: Sound & Vibration Testing and Analysis
Established: 1995
LightningChart solution: .NET, XY charts and 3D charts

Vibration Research case study.

Sound & vibration analysis software needs high-performance from a charting library.

Vibration Research (VR) designs and manufactures vibration control systems and data acquisition systems for vibration testing on electrodynamic and servohydraulic shakers. They position themselves to be the pioneer in the industry and the leader in vibration control and data acquisition. Vibration Research builds its success on advanced hardware capabilities and software support combined with powerful, user-friendly software. (Source:

ObserVIEW is their vibration analysis software package that includes specialized modules for waveform recording and test generation. With ObserVIEW you can view, edit, and analyze waveforms from recorded or live data. And this is where LightningChart steps into the picture.

ObserVIEW & LightningChart .NET – enables users to do more with data.

ObserVIEW sound & vibration analysis software makes it easy to interpret complex sound & vibration signals using advanced analysis techniques such as: FFT, PSD, Transfer Function, Spectrogram, Octave Analysis, and more. Using ObserVIEW to analyze data enables users to make decisions about products under test and also develop vibration test profiles based on analyzed field data.

ObserVIEW is designed to handle extremely large recordings: on the order of 500GB-1TB in size consisting of billions of samples of data. Special data reduction/processing is required to plot the data smoothly. And therefore, they require also more from the charting library they utilize:

“We evaluated several charting libraries. Our requirements were: high performance, support for modern development languages and UI frameworks, and a wide range of chart types. LightningChart was the clear choice – no other library was comparable.” Ryan Quellet, Product Development Manager.


Picture 1. Screenshot of ObserVIEW software in action

Top-notch performance brings clear benefits

VR uses LightningChart in multiple ways. Different 2D series for plotting optimized time waveform data, plotting smaller quantities of time waveform data, or plotting octave band bins for example. They also utilize the 3D Surface mesh series for plotting spectrogram data. Like Mr. Quellet comments:

”There’s a wide variety of chart line types In LightningChart and we’ve been able to plot most anything we can think of.”

He continues to describe that performance in LightningChart, compared to other modern charting packages, is top-notch. Technical support also gets positive feedback, Quellet says it’s helpful and courteous. To sum the benefits of working with LightningChart, Mr. Quellet responds:

LightningChart has enabled us to deliver a very flexible charting package in ObserVIEW which includes multiple y-axes support and a very useful 3D spectrogram. What we want to plot is usually not restricted by the charting library – which is a big change from our previous package.”

Below there’s an amazing video clip of the ObserVIEW software with LightningChart .NET in action. The video is courtesy of Vibration Research & Gravity Industries. For more on charts for vibration analysis, check our ViCont case study or charts for vibration analysis page.

Video. ObserVIEW Vibration Analysis Software demonstration.