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LightningChart® JavaScript v.3.1.0 is out now!

Introducing Map Charts, Heatmaps Optimizations & 60+ Improvements!

We’re happy to introduce the new LightningChart for JavaScript version 3.1.0 with important Map Charts and Heatmaps additions to the charting library!

Map Charts

Dynamic map charts can be used as a stand-alone feature or as part of a dashboard.

Map Charts and Heatmaps - MapChart Visualization

Figure 1. Map Charts Stand-alone View

Map Charts and Heatmaps are a great innovation within the LightningChart® JavaScript library as these features improve the data visualization of a large number of data points. Particularly, the map charts support customizable functions as dynamic color-coding values according to data.

As mentioned, the UI in these new chart types improves with characteristics such as auto-cursor to display data on mouse hovering and different map views by regions (worldwide, USA, North America, South America, Canada, etc.).

Is the Map Charts Performance Compromised?

Not at all! Map charts continue having an outstanding performance with high Frames-Per-Second rates. A total smooth real-time visualization experience!

Map Charts and Heatmaps - MapChart Dashboard

Figure 2. Map Charts Dashboard View

Heatmaps Optimizations

LightningChart® JavaScript version 3.1.0 puts hands-on heatmaps optimization. Grid series improvements actually help Heatmaps to achieve desktop performance levels on web-based applications, meaning that any web application will basically experience no lagging or delays in visual data rendering.

Map Charts and Heatmaps - Sweeping Heatmap Spectrogram

Figure 3. Sweeping Heatmap Spectrogram

Improvements Beyond Map Charts and Heatmaps

We’ve added further advancements to our Interactive Examples. Some of the added features are Time Tick Strategy, High Precision Axis to zoom in at a microsecond level, and Guided Steps to Create a Custom Lasso Interaction.

The list of improvements is huge! And undoubles, version 3.1.0 places LightningChart® at the top of the data visualizations solutions industry.

You can review both the 60+ features included in the v.3.1.0 and read the details in the ChangeLog.

Not Using LightningChart® JavaScript Yet?

All features are included in the non-commercial use Community License which is available for free download.

See all the new features of LightningChart® for JavaScript v3.1.0