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LightningChart JS v.3.0.0 – high-performance 2D & 3D JavaScript Charts now better than ever!

There are new features, significant improvements in existing features, few fixes, and yet again a powerful performance boost in this new version. We are happy to announce a new major release for LightningChart® JS, version 3.0.0!

New additions to LightningChart JS

We’re introducing Polar Charts as a new chart type. It comes with a solid set of series types and all of them are easily stylable with familiar API. Polar Charts can be used as stand-alone charts or in a dashboard. We also added logarithmic axes that are currently available for XY charts, and added a new UI Element, Look-Up Table (LUT), to Legend Box. Obviously, there is a lot more to discover, all new features with details introduced in the changelog.
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User-friendly JS charting library with power behind it

Besides bringing in new features, we wanted to focus heavily on improving UX & performance. We have optimized our product further, and we can now offer our users even better stability in FPS, smoother animations & improved interactions. With LightningChart you don’t have to sacrifice features to gain “sufficient performance”, LCJS offers the highest performance on the market with out-of-the-box settings.

For example, Line Series have been significantly optimized on the performance side; what this means for our users is less CPU resource usage by LCJS, and more resources for users’ web page to use (LCJS strains web page less). With LightningChart JS, users can now effortlessly visualize larger data sets even with weaker hardware.

We really want to serve our customers, so happy to say, that there are now configuration options for changing mouse interactions to different mouse buttons. This is a customer request we got previously. There is also a pack of other improvements and fixes introduced in the new version. All changes are visible in the full changelog. We prepared a migration guide for you to seamlessly migrate from 2.1.1 to 3.0.0. More about LightningChart JS, check our Interactive Examples to play with the library yourself!

LightningChart JS - 2D & 3D JavaScript Charts

Happy Coding!