Data visualization with MAUI: compatibility project template with LightningChart JS

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LightningChart JS library now compatible with MAUI

We’re glad to introduce the MAUI proof of compatibility project template for users who are interested in visualizing data with LightningChart JS in their projects. In the last year, we developed a series of 10+ framework development templates and we’re finally introducing the MAUI project.

This package is useful if you need to create interactive mobile and desktop data visualization projects that require high-performance visualizations that can handle a large number of data points. This getting started project is also available directly on GitHub.

Visualizing data with MAUI & LightningChart JS

What is MAUI?

.NET MAUI is a cross-platform UI toolkit that simplifies the process of building native apps that targets the mobile and desktop form factors. Targeting Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Tizen with .NET MAUI, makes it easy to build an app that is compatible with multiple operating systems.

One of the many benefits of .NET MAUI is that you can use a single code-base to target mobile and desktop applications. You can leverage the same framework and UI objects to build your app for any one of those environments thus saving time and effort.

What is LightningChart JS?

LightningChart JS is an advanced data visualization library that can be easily integrated into web, mobile, and desktop applications that need to render millions or even billions of data points at the highest possible performance levels. You can access our free community license for personal projects development.

What charts can you build with MAUI & LightningChart JS?

Some of the real-time visualizations that you can create with LightningChart JS and MAUI include the line series, heatmaps, spectrograms, racing bar charts, and polar charts. You can also create a LiDAR point cloud chart.

JS data visualization MAUI - Six JavaScript charts you can create with MAUI and LightningChart JS

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