LightningChart® Trader: Easy-to-use trading charts

Place the trading chart control in your Visual Studio designer, build and that’s it. Trading charts are built on top of robust and fast LightningChart API. LightningChart Trader comes with a compact interface of properties and methods to build trading applications, without the API overhead that comes from complex engineering applications. Launch version includes WPF charts, Windows Forms and UWP trading charts will become available later.

  • Data inputs:
  • Can retrieve data from REST API
  • User can input own data array
  • User can implement own DataProvider class, which the chart will utilize to get data
lightningchart net trading charts
  • Automatic non-trading days removal
  • Price info shown as CandleSticks / Bars / Line / Mountain
  • Drawing tools and trading data cursor, shows the data values in a box near to cursor, and as projections on the axes.
  • Indicators:
  • Simple moving average
  • Exponential moving average
  • Weighted moving average
  • RSI
  • MACD
  • Open Interest
  • Bollinger band
  • Drawing tools
  • Licensing

LightningChart Trader license is coming with all LightningChart pack licenses, starting from Bronze level, without any additional cost.

We’d be happy to receive your input and wishes on this product,
please give feedback to [email protected]