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We’ve released LightningChart® .NET v.9.0, with massive set of new features and many improvements!

New release has several improvements to existing features and two big new features we’re exited to present to you all:
LightningChart® Trader and Interactive Examples.

LightningChart® Trader library is an easy-to-use charting component library for building applications for trading and finance. It’s especially designed for Technical Analysis. Trader chart has several built-in functionalities such as data cursors for tracking individual data values, automatic removal of non-trading time periods, and technical indicators which are calculated from the opened data set based with given parameters.

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We are on a constant path of making the development experience with LightningChart .NET more fluent and informative, that’s why we replaced the old, platform-specific, Demo Applications with a single demo application called Interactive Examples. It has several improvements & new features: eg. improved browsing and extraction of examples as standalone Visual Studio projects.

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