3D Charts are here!

We released the new version 2.0.0. This version release includes extremely fast 3D charts for WebGL-accelerated LightningChart JS.

NEW: Develop Android apps now easily with LightningChart JS! We published our Android template and it can be found in GitHub with instructions on how to use LightningChart® JS charting library in an Android Java project.

Version 2.0.0 feature updates.

LightningChart JS v.2.0.0. now includes these 3D charts:

  • 3D LineSeries
  • 3D PointSeries
  • 3D PointLineSeries
  • 3D PointCloudSeries

We’ve fully improved Axis TickStrategies. Ticks are now separated into Minor, Major, and Great which allow for better customization on how to show Axis values. Also, we have added a new public API to get Highlighters (i.e. Bands, ConstantLines) for Axis.

To provide better user control possibilities, we added more event handlers for mouse and touch events.

There’s also better thick line rendering which has improved visuals for semi-transparent lines, and faster PointSeries rendering which is quite precisely a major performance improvement. These two improvements enable less GL memory usage.

Gradient FillStyles are here! We’ve added Gradients as a possible FillStyle for all of our 2D Series, UI Elements, Chart, and Dashboard components (such as backgrounds).

When taking a look at the visual changes, you may notice that we’ve modified default styles, which are now slightly more modern, simplified chart options for the dashboard, and reduced the default zooming animation duration. Also, transparent backgrounds are now possible.

We’ve also made performance improvements with this release and new performance tests testify that in 2D charts (ChartXY, LineSeries, and PointSeries in particular) the already TOP performance level is in cases three times (3 x) better than it was before!