We released a new version 1.3.0 on April 28th, 2020.

This version release has heaps of new features we are most exited to present: Heatmaps, Zoom Band Charts, Server side rendering and more!

What’s new in LightningChart JS?
Heatmaps are now available and usable in XY Charts! Users may create a 2D rectangular Heatmap by using the IntensityGrid option or create a 2D mesh Heatmap with IntensityMesh option. You may also use Heatmaps to create Spectrograms in your Charts.

Zoom Band Charts are here! Add a customizable, easy-to-use Zoom Band Chart to your XY Charts inside a Dashboard. Zoom Band Chart automatically adds all Series inside the Axis it attaches to and follows the Scale of the Axis. The Band in Zoom Band Chart can be interacted with and used to change the View in the Chart that the Zoom Band Chart is attached to.

Spectogram lcjs
Zoom BandChart
Bands ConstantLines
We have now a Sampledata Series equivalent in JS.
It works with Line, Point, PointLine, Spline, Step and OHLC Series in our XY Charts.

Easier to add data to the Series:

  • Done by using new API in these series; addArrayY, addArrayX, addArraysXY
  • Easy to use when handling big data
  • No more necessary to modify data to have both X and Y values
  • Just give an array of values to add, set the step value between each value. Our library will generate the other value based on the step value.

Why this is great?

No need to deal with the hassle of adding both X and Y values for Series; if your data moves at a set pattern (i.e. every 6 hours, shown in X Axis), you can just add the Y value changes and set the Step value – our library will generate the X position for each data point based on the given Step value. This takes the hassle of pairing each Y value with a X value off your hands!

LightningChart JS supports Server side rendering. Server side rendering can be used with our headless package available in npm. Use our charts in a server application to produce high-quality chart images.

New LightningChart JS version release also presents Bands and ConstantLines. Users can now add interactable Bands and ConstantLines to XY Charts.

Support for Application / Intranet deployment is also available. You can Deploy LightningChart JS in your stand-alone applications and intranet solutions.
Contact us for applicable licenses!