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Time for the LightningChart® team to enjoy Midsummer,
our dear national holiday in Finland!

Midsummer is here and next June 25th, the LightningChart® team will be out of duty and will be replying to and attending to all sales, technical support, and other inquiries normally on Monday, June 28th.

However, during this Midsummer 2021 you can still continue accessing our trial and free downloads normally.
You can access to LightningChart® .NET trial download from here and access the Free Community License of LightningChart® for JavaScript here.
Let’s meet next Monday June 28th normally then and have a great Midsummer!

Your LightningChart® team.

Did you know Midsummer is one of the main national (and most waited) holidays in Finland?
Here in Finland, we love to go to our summer cottages and had a good time with our family and friends away from the noisy cities. We have little bonfires where we grill sausages but MOST IMPORTANT, we go to “Juhannussauna” after swimming in the lakes. ?
We can always do a little bit of fishing too!

In this holiday, we celebrate the summer solstice happening at the end of June and long white nights!

Hyvää Juhannusta!