Why LightningChart® JS Charting Library?

Are you in search of JavaScript charting library for your project? Wondering how LightningChart® JS is different from dozens of other commercial and open source JavaScript Chart libraries available on the market?

We introduce you LightningChart ® JS. A revolutionary product in the industry of Web Development.

In the text below you will find 5 solid reasons
why our charting library should become your solution
for years to come:

High Performance Charting Library



Pushing the performance of our products to extremes has been our objective for the last 10 years. This is what we breath, eat and sleep here at LightningChart.

The demand for high performance of charting controls has increased rapidly in the last years, so has the amount of data that needs to be processed. If you need to plot only a few data points, this might not require any advanced solution. But lets say you have millions of data points to plot and monitor in real-time, the performance is a major factor as every fraction of a second saved will aggregate in a huge eventual impact for your application. We are aware of that importance.

Our main objective is to deliver the best performance in the industry, and most importantly, to constantly maintain and improve the results through innovation. Using our proven expertise and the most advanced technologies, our development team has created a charting library for JavaScript with unmatched speed of rendering for streaming data in real-time.

Performance up to TENS of MILLIONS of data points in a real-time. Currently tests prove that for example in line charts rendering LightningChart JS is 700 times faster than average competitor and 100 times faster than nearest competitors.

We speak with numbers – access our Performance Tester to examine the performance indicators in live mode. Read the latest performance comparison from 2021 to see what high-performance in JavaScript charts really means.




This is one of the biggest deciding factors for many, if not every developer. We have asked ourselves a question:
Is our charting library flexible enough to make it look as our users wish for? Or it only looks good on default and will become too complex when customizing and terribly inefficient to handle.

Commonly, with great customizability comes great complexities. Our goal with LightningChart JS was to ensure its flexibility while not compromising on simplicity of usage. LightningChart JS offers a good range of tools for modifying and customizing the chart contents, alongside with the variety of features and series. With LightningChart JS you will have the freedom to customize your charts based on the needs of your project yet do so with minimum effort on your end. With our library, you can be efficient and flexible at the same time.

Get LightningChart JS FREE Community license for non-commercial usage and experience the full functionality of the product first-hand.

Cross Browser Compatibility


Cross Browser Compatibility

Whether you need a charting library that is compatible with old or modern browsers depends on your project goals. We are aware that handling cross-browser compatibility issues could be exhausting, and we’ve minimized such inconveniences for our clients by supporting the most popular browsers around the world. LightningChart JS has undergone compatibility testing, and the results are shown in the table below:
Browser name
Popular Browsers around the world
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Popular Browsers in China
360 chrome
Popular Browser in Russia
Yandex browser
Dedicated Technical Support



Dedicated Technical Support might not be a requirement for everyone, but for those who are required to count on professional support during their project, it is indispensable. Relying on any external support such as community is a huge risk, especially if the role of the charts is critical to your project and all potentially occurring issues might cause serious ramifications.

We have been building trust and reliability since 2007, here at LightningChart we take the role of technical support very seriously as every hour of unproductive work time due to unexpected issues costs our customer’s money and delays the whole process of development.

What is so great about our Technical Support team and how it’s different?

The team of Technical Support mostly consists of the core developers of LightningChart JS. We believe that nothing gives more confidence to our customers than addressing their technical issues to professionals that have personally developed the charting library and know it from inside out.

Worth mentioning that we do NOT charge you additionally for their support and put a tag “premium” to take advantage at the point of heavy commitment. We deeply care about our customers and want to be transparent from the beginning about all the potential costs that you could incur. No hidden fees or costs after purchase.

Would like to get to know more about our Support ticket system and the pricing? You can learn more here.




Our goal is to build a strong and independent community together with all the users of LightningChart JS. A good community serves not only as a tool for the information flow and experience-sharing but also as a communication platform between developers and users of the charting library.

The voice of the community will always play a huge role in our decision-making process when it comes to the development of LightningChart JS. Furthermore, we want LightningChart JS users to be vocal about their experience with the product. And for example we have introduced new features to product based on our customer requests.

As we encourage the development of the LightningChart JS community, our in-house and expert LightningChart JS developers will allocate their time to answer your questions related to the library on the convenient community resource Stack Overflow.

Ask any questions related to LightningChart JS on Stack Overflow by using the hashtag #lightningchart.

Is there something that you are interested in that we didn’t mention? Contact us and get the answers to all your questions about our charting library!

Contact our customer service and get a personalized response. You can also write to us through social media and we will get back to you ASAP.