LightningChart® v.8.4 released

LightningChart V.8.4 with new features and improvements is now released!

LightningChart Team is happy to announce that the newest version v.8.4 of LC advanced charting library is out now and introduces several serious improvements for the user experience and performance including margins and zooming improvements, faster orthographic projection, new camera orientation and rotation system.

  • Margins are now available in all views. Margins are added to View3D and ViewPie3D, and modified in ViewPolar and ViewSmith by changing how zooming affects them. MarginsChanged event can also be used in all views.
  • Zooming improvements. ZoomPanOptions has a new ZoomPadding feature, which defines the amount of empty space left between the zoomed area and the margins after certain zooming operations. ZoomPadding is accessible in 3D, pie3D, polar and smith views.
  • Faster orthographic projection. Added a new, faster version of orthographic projection, which no longer is based
    on changing dimensions.
  • Legend box auto-positioning in all views. Legend boxes of View3D, ViewPie3D, ViewPolar and ViewSmith can be placed automatically. The position of the legend box can be controlled with Position property. Some options allow taking margins into account.
  • New camera orientation and rotation system. Added a new camera orientation mode with improved camera orientation

These are just a few of the enhancements of the newest v.8.4 version, to learn more and get access to see all the new features click here.

You can download the newest LC v.8.4 version at Download Center or in NuGet and your 30-day free trial.