Five Star Support with Five Star People

We have two fantastic products: LightningChart .NET and LightningChart JS.
Altogether, these products contain over 100 chart types, rich functionalities and an absolutely huge amount of code and the capability to present massive amounts of data with a minimal flickering and delays. Our customers are usually highly skilled developers from all around the world and various demanding industries. But still they might need support implementing best practices and optimizing product performance.

What ultimately makes the products shine above excellent, is the service behind it. In these types of technical products, it’s usually the support services, and more importantly the people behind the support services. Because, in the end we are not just selling a physical product. We are selling solutions for our customers’ needs.

Often customers want to get their issues related to LightningChart’s usage resolved by themselves. That is why LightningChart has gathered multiple valuable resources to cope with the small dilemmas during their developing journey. Project documentation contains User’s manual, in five different languages for .NET product and API documentation for JS product, tutorials and FAQs. Interactive Examples guides you through the learning process of LightningChart and even allows its users to create simple seed projects.


When the customer can’t make it on their own and requires further technical assistance, they contact LightningChart’s Support service. Our Technical Support Team is known for its wondrous abilities to handle each and every challenge our clients might be facing. The team’s responsibility is to help the customers to get all the value and potential out of their purchases.

“Good support is essential when buying a third party component, and the support given by LightningChart has really been outstanding.”

“What is worth to mention is their technical support: very responsive, fast and patient. The whole team has high professional knowledge and skills.”

Our utmost goal is to wow our customers: not just with our product, but also with our exceedingly fast and adequate support services. Of course, resolving customer queries as quickly as possible is a cornerstone of a good support service. But at the end of the day, the most appreciated matter is ultimately the willingness to help and the friendly attitude. We treat our customers as individuals. That is why we do not have automated support or chat bots. We have real people helping people.

“Their support is friendly, efficient and delivered by staff that clearly have a very high degree of competency. I would go so far as to say that in 25 years of working in the software industry, I have never found a more helpful and efficient third-party supplier.”

We genuinely feel that our LightningChart Support Team, Kestutis, Lasse, Terho, Ilkka and all that do support from time to time, has mastered all the above-mentioned qualifications of a ground-breaking support service. Your actions as our valued support team is highly acknowledged.

You’re doing great job! We couldn’t ask for more!