ViaTech 3D pavement scanning system - company logo

Date of case study: 11/2021
Industry of business: 3D Mobile Mapping
Established: 1996
LightningChart solution: .NET Charts


ViaTech focuses on the development of world-class solutions for friction measurement, pavement scanning, and road maintenance planning. They are also a high-tech measurement service provider with an international focus currently operating in America, Europe, South-East Asia, and Australia.

The product line of ViaTech is vast and solutions such as ViaFriction focus on continuous friction measurement of pavement surfaces for all year-long weather conditions.

Today, ViaTech is further developing their pavement scanning system ViaPPS that analyzes pavement conditions and presents point clouds and road parameters by collecting data from different sources such as LiDARs, GNSS systems, and 360° cameras systems.

ViaTech 3D pavement scanning system - ViaPPS

Picture 1. ViaPPS – Pavement Scanning System

Why did ViaTech choose LightningChart® .NET for the 3D pavement scanning system ViaPPS?

LightningChart is the fastest chart to render a huge amount of 3D mobile mapping data. LightningChart also supports a large number of controls to visualize parameters calculated from a dataset in the form of curves, tables, maps, and more.

“The point cloud visualization is the most important to us to present 3D mobile mapping data. The chart integration is also great, the data render fast!”

Aslak Myklatun

ViaTech | Head of R&D

ViaTech 3D Pavement Scanning System ViaPPS

ViaTech 3D pavement scanning system - ViaPPS - LiDAR view

Picture 2. ViaPPS – Pavement Scanning System – LiDAR

ViaTech 3D pavement scanning system - ViaPPS - application view

Picture 3. ViaPPS – Pavement Scanning System – Application

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