Date of case study: 7/2017
Industry of business: Industrial electronics
Established: 2005
Website: www.omicron-lab.com

High-quality smart measurement solutions

OMICRON Lab is a division of OMICRON electronics specialized in providing Smart Measurement Solutions to professionals – scientists, engineers and teachers engaged in the field of electronics. It simplifies measurement tasks and provides its customers with more time to focus on their real business. OMICRON Lab describes its products to be high-quality at the best price/value ratio on the market. The products’ reliability and ease of use guarantee the trouble-free operation.

The Bode 100 is a USB controlled Vector Network Analyzer that measures from 1 Hz to 50 MHz. It is not only a state of the art Vector Network Analyzer, it also works as:

  • Frequency Response Analyzer
  • Impedance Analyzer
  • Gain / Phase Meter

Bode 100 is controlled from the Bode Analyzer Suite for Windows that guarantees a very easy and user-friendly handling.

dart technologies
Picture 1. Bode Analyzer Suite
LightningChart is an essential part of the Bode Analyzer Suite. Bode Analyzer Suite contains two charts that can be configured as:

  • Bode-Plot (XY Chart with Frequency X-Axis either linear or log or double-log)
  • Nyquist-plot (XY chart with 1:1 axis ratio)
  • Polar-plot
  • Smith-chart

LightningChart® strengths: usability and great support

Product manager Florian Hämmerle really appreciates Action’s technical support. He rates skillful support as one of the best attributes of LightningChart.

“We received fast and highly qualified support. If a problem could not be solved, we got a clear explanation why. The forum and the code examples are very useful”
— Product manager Florian Hämmerle

He also mentioned that the customization services totally met their expectations and were delivered in time.

Mr. Hämmerle lists a few key features to be the reason they chose LightningChart over other options: LightningChart’s WPF Charts, Vector graphics export, API style / effortless usability, and Smith Chart customization. When asked what actual tangible benefits OMICRON Lab has achieved from using LightningChart, he responds:

“We now have a fully 64bit compatible software and use one chart component for multiple software products. The simple API of LightningChart helps us to improve the maintainability of our software.”
— Product manager Florian Hämmerle

dart technologies
Picture 2. Utilizing customized Smith Chart