Date of case study: 4/2017
Industry of business: Neurofeedback Systems

New Mind Technologies

Innovative neurofeedback system

NewMind offers a comprehensive integrative system for analyzing EEG brainmaps, assessing clients, developing protocols, tracking training sessions, and following client progress for the purposes of neurofeedback.

The company’s QEEG Analysis and Client Management system is used by practitioners to obtain an instant analysis of EEG brain maps, manage clients, track Neurofeedback sessions, and build progress trackers tailored to the client’s specific symptoms. All analysis reports are client friendly and easy to read, making them highly effective sales tools when reviewing EEG analyses with clients.


Challenging project

NewMind were looking for a tool to display EEG activity on a 3D model in their WPF application. With the 3D model, they required a method of rendering volume activity at specific locations on the scalp with the ability to rotate and zoom.

A customized 3D model of the brain was built with LightningChart specifically for their project, and Mr. Bearden, owner of NewMind, states that they have been extremely pleased with the finished product. The chart was delivered as promised and was “fast and beautiful”, – Mr. Bearden states.


We chose LightningChart initially for the performance requirements but after working with Pasi (LightningChart’s CEO) we felt very comfortable having him and LightningChart build the 3D model for us from the ground up.


— Shawn Bearden, owner of NewMind

Mr. Bearden adds that he considers performance and well-designed API that was easy to work with to be the main advantages of LightningChart. “And it looks fantastic.”, – he adds.

He also comments on the customization services:


The customization more than met our expectations. Pasi was extremely easy to work with and was passionate about our project. Would recommend Pasi, LightningChart, and LightningChart to anyone looking for high-performance customization work.


— Shawn Bearden, owner of NewMind

LightningChart’s technical support was also characterized as a positive experience for NewMind. Any request or issue submitted by NewMind has been answered or resolved within 1-2 days, considering the time zone difference.

Finally, Mr. Bearden talks about the advantages which LightningChart provided to the NewMind’s application for displaying EEG activity:


We were able to add a new feature to our application that gives users a much greater insight and visibility into localized EEG activity in real time!


— Shawn Bearden, owner of NewMind

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