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Date of case study: 8/2015
Industry of business: Industrial Ultra Sonic Testing Systems
Established: 1949
Website: www.karldeutsch.de
LightningChart solution: 2D line chart, 3D surfaces

WHY LightningChart®?

Frank Haller from KARL DEUTSCH Company states that LightningChart’s technical support responsiveness is fast and the provided answers are on a high level.

“A solution could always be found very soon. Compared with other component vendors it is my best support experience. While others don’t read the problem very well and provide non-fitting answers to keep their promised response time (even with a bad or no solution) LightningChart always answers fast with a good solution to the problem.”

KARL DEUTSCH Company tested various chart components (DevExpress, SciChart, LightningChart, VisiBlox) and found that LightningChart was the fastest and most feature complete component for their needs. Also the support during the testphase was considered very helpful.

”LightningChart technical supports’ responsiveness is fast and the provided answers are on a high level. It is my best support experience.”

— Frank Haller, Software Developer, KARL DEUTSCH Company

karl deutsch snhf min

Picture: Karl Deutcsh Echograph-SNHF


LightningChart delivers a lot of useful features which can be widely customized. Software Developer Frank Haller values the fact that he can use the LightningChart to improve further KARL DEUTSCH Company’s customers experiences.

“While we at KARL DEUTSCH Company are developing a fully new generation of an existing program, I was able to implement a lot of user-requests in the charting-module of our solution in a short time.”

By using LightningChart he was even able to implement new features for their customers no-one ever requested, but which gave great customer feedback very soon.


Frank Haller, a software developer at KARL DEUTSCH Company, appreciates unique speed LightningChart can offer.

“The most important feature of LightningChart is its speed. Very helpful to me are ClipAreas to mark out invalid data without having lots of series for one data-line.”

LineChart with ruler

Screenshot: LineChart with ruler