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Date of case study: 11/2022
Industry of business: Healthcare & Life Sciences / Medical Devices
Established: 2013
LightningChart solution: XY Charts

EGZOTech sp z.o.o

EGZOTech is the manufacturer of neurorehabilitation robots Luna EMG and biofeedback exercisers Stella BIO. They work with physiotherapy and occupational therapy clinics, and therapists to deliver superior neurorehabilitation, neuroplasticity, and motor learning to patients worldwide.

 Their key products are the Luna EMG neurorehabilitation robot and Stella BIO electromyography triggered electricalstimulator. EGZOTech has officially become the #1 fastest-growing Central European company in Healthcare & Life Sciences in Central Europe (out of 18 countries) in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe.

 Between 2016 – 2019, EGZOTech achieved a 2932% revenue growth and won the special Impact Stars Award for a clear ethical dimension at the heart of our business model.

EGZOTech - Stella BIO electromyography-triggered electricalstimulator

Picture 1. Stella BIO electromyography-triggered electrical stimulator.

Why did you choose LightningChart .NET?

We use XY charts to present real-time data from our device, and we also display historical data for patient diagnostics. Efficiency was crucial as our solutions send data very dynamically and must be displayed on the screens with accuracy.

 After performing different tests, the LightningChart data visualization solution turned out to be the most efficient in the real-time visualization area. By using LightningChart, we’ve enabled the launch of a new product (Stella BIO) on the market whereas other tested solutions did not meet our needs.

“The biggest advantage of LightningChart over other platforms is performance and stability. The implementation of simple use cases is relatively simple, and the charts work stably on a variety of platforms.”

Lukasz Szczurowski

EGZOTech | Software Manager

EGZOTech - Stella BIO – rehabilitation exercise dashboard.

Picture 2. Stella BIO – rehabilitation exercise dashboard.

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