Date of case study: 1/2019
Industry of business: OEM Design / Development
Established: 2016
LightningChart solution: XY & 3D charts

Improving energy savings in environmental systems

DCC Dynamics builds OEM monitoring, control and management products for the building controls industry. The company’s flagship product “Environmental Logistics System” enables an overall reduction of energy for environmental systems used in large buildings, institutions, and campuses typically from 10% to 20% or more.

Heather Granneman, CEO of DCC Dynamics, stated that they have chosen LightningChart for the following reasons:

  1. It claimed to have great performance.
  2. The trial demo and samples were easy to access and seemed simple to understand.
  3. The support forum seemed active, but not too active.

The company used LightningChart to display standard XY & 3D charts and analysis results. For instance, LightningChart was integrated into a multi-touch interactive motor/fan/pump control optimization interface.

LightningChart was also implemented in the automatically generated and portfolio-wide Energy Management System – Equipment Efficiency Analysis Survey, which quantified and improved the energy savings from the energy management infrastructure.

”LightningChart IS fast. We were impressed enough to include chart generation statistics on our charts. Chart rendering is the smallest portion of the processing time, tens of thousands of records in a fraction of a second.
The LightningChart API is straightforward to implement. Definitely one of the easier API’s to develop proficiency with.”
— Heather Granneman, CEO of DCC Dynamics

Ms Granneman states that she has used the technical support resources a number of times, and that she always received “prompt, spot on, detailed, helpful responses”. “I have found the LightningChart team to be very patient and friendly throughout my learning process.” – she adds.

Ms Granneman also mentions benefits, which LightningChart brought to the DCC Dynamics’ product:

”We have dramatically improved the charting performance and appearance of our current project. We receive frequent compliments, we know are directly due to our decision to use LightningChart.”
— Heather Granneman, CEO of DCC Dynamics