Date of case study: 4/2015
Industry of business: Oil and Gas – Drilling and Subsea Engineering
Established: 2010
Website: www.dartt.com.au
LightningChart solution: Real Time Charts XY

WHY LightningChart®?

After carefully researching charting libraries for several months DART Technologies concluded that LightningCharts was the way to go. LightningChart uses low-level DirectX for WinForms and WPF and it offers truly unmatched performance.

“LightningChart showed the best benchmarks and took the time to explain them in detail, appeared significantly more professional than other products, user feedback was very positive and from our first email interaction we have had unmatched response, support and expert solutions. We have agreed that choosing LightningChart was pivotal in our products acceptance and good feedback we get for our tool.”

”We have benefited greatly from LightningChart’s depth of experience and willingness in helping us develop our product.”
— Dave White, Director, DART Technologies


“We most likely would not have a product if we did not use LightningChart. Its good watching our clients use our tool and zoom in and out of the charts with the touch screen with such speed. Other tools similar to ours simply can not do this and we know this is down to the LightningCharts library and the way LightningChart have implemented it in to our project.”

DART Technologies first tool is so far being well accepted in to the industry. “We have several other tools we can now make based on this experience and we will be using LightningChart for these products also and look forward to doing that”.

dart technologies


“DART Technologies deal with many products and service providers and get to experience the range in quality and service you can get from hundreds of companies all over the world. Everything from LightningChart has been received at the same consistent extremely high standard every time, the LightningChart product to start with and the service they provide for us implementing it in to our product. “

“Quality product and good service are the same thing anywhere regardless of one’s industry. LightningChart’s product and service are right at the top of our good experiences.”

”Everything from LightningChart has been received at the same consistent extremely high standard every time”
— Dave White, Director, DART Technologies

Setting Testing Analytics Parameters
Screenshot 1. Setting Testing Analytics Parameters
Real Time Test Data Monitoring
Screenshot 2: Real Time Test Data Monitoring