Date of case study: 10/2021
Industry of business:Electromagnetic simulation software
Established: 2015
LightningChart solution: .NET XY Charts 

Binrad Software Ltd

Focuses on the development of scientific electromagnetic simulation software that involves advanced features like 2D and 3D graphics simulation. The ELF 100 simulator is a software that calculates the electromagnetic field of transformers, electric cabinets, and high-tension lines. The electromagnetic field result is represented by isolines that help to visualize the patterns of the field intensity.

The visualization of electromagnetic fields is particularly easy to perform when using the ELF 100 simulator that involves high-performance 2D and 3D visualizations and an intuitive interface.


Picture 1. ELF 100 electromagnetic simulation software

Why choosing LightningChart® .NET?

Easy project migration, high performance, quality technical support. At Binrad Software Ltd, we aim to provide our users with the ability to create large projects that work at a high pace. When using open-source libraries, this performance was okay until the nature of our users’ project required a better chart infrastructure.

After looking into other solutions, we decided to go with LightningChart as other competitors did not have basic yet crucial features that enrich electromagnetic simulation software like the ELF 100. Some of these basic but important features were the ability to create lines by clicking with the mouse cursor, something that was achieved only with LightningChart.

Once migrating our project to LightningChart, I was impressed by the technical support and the detailed answers I got within few hours. After one month, we could finally convert our application to integrate LightningChart 2D charts.

“The benefit of using LightningChart was improving the performance and the graphic appearance looks of our application”.

Eyal Nevo

Binrad Software Ltd | CEO

The ELF 100 electromagnetic simulation software

What was your experience with LightningChart® Tech Support?

The Tech Support was great! The replies were fast and professional. We were assisted a lot during the development stage.

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