Beijing Jiaotong University

Date of case study: 08/2020
Industry of business: Research
Established: 1896
LightningChart solution: XY, 3D, Polar charts, Heatmaps

Beijing Jiaotong University, Rail Transportation research

Found in 1896, Beijing Jiaotong University is one of the oldest universities in mainland China. Nowadays, it has become one of the most prominent universities in the world in regard of Transportation Science and Technology. BJTU has undertaken more than 10,000 scientific research projects of “National 973 Plan”, “National 863 Plan”, National Key Research and Development Plan, National Key Project of Social Sciences Fund, and National Science Fund with a total research funds of 3.8 billion RMB. BJTU has published over 4200 papers in SCIE publications, nearly 6800 papers in EI publications and roughly 2400 papers in ISTP publications. There are well over 2300 patent applications of which 1,343 has already been approved.

Lead by Associate Professor Yin, research group in faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering has conducted the study of Rail Transportation research in summer 2020.

The purpose of the project is to visualize the train rescheduling and passenger distributions and test the efficiency of different algorithms for the recovery of unexpected events, such as oversaturated passenger demand, train delay, etc. The research provides ATS (train supervision and control system used by rail dispatchers) with intelligent decision supports.

“LightningChart has high customization possibilities, it provides many different interfaces, so we can make charts in different styles. It supports MVVM modes, makes data updating effortless. The code becomes more readable, and easier to maintain. The performance of this tool is fantastic, especially the GPU acceleration ability, its big data rendering is much better than similar products.“

Associate Professor Yin, faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering

By implementing computer, big data and AI technology, the group targeted to identify emergency incidents in city railway network, and to generate processing solution in order to reduce the manual communication time during the procedures. This way, the efficiency of emergency responding can be improved dramatically and emergency handling operations will be standardized.

Image 1. Traffic flow

Image 1. Traffic flow

Beijing Jiaotong University - Data monitoring interface - LightningChart .NET

Image 2. Data monitoring interface