LightningChart® v.8.1.1 released

MeshModels coloring and wireframing

To show fill, set Fill = True
To show wireframe, set WireFrame = True, and set preferred line color in WireFrameLineColor

Custom-coloring fill

By default, the model renders with the colors in the OBJ model. To apply custom coloring for model’s vertices, use UpdateFillColors(int[] colors) method. This method can be called also periodically, to apply real-time color updates.

GeometryConstructed event reports position of vertices in axis values space, in as X, Y and Z arrays. They are especially needed when applying coloring e.g. by spatial distance of other chart objects, such as data points. Subscribe to GeometryConstructed event handler in the initialization phase, and then unsubscribe when not needed anymore.
UpdateFillColors requires ARGB colors array that is equal length of vertex positions (X.Length). One color for each vertex.

Implementation of Graphic Pipeline with LightningChart
Example of custom-coloring fill for the airplane mesh model

Custom-coloring wireframe fill

In similar way, you can color the wireframe with custom colors. Use GeometryConstructed event handler to learn required colors array length, and use UpdateWireframeColors method to apply new colors.

Implementation of Graphic Pipeline with LightningChart
Example of custom custom-coloring wireframe fill of the car mesh model


Instead of walls, you may want to prefer simplified 3D box presentation. Set all the Visible = false for all walls, and set FrameBox.Style = AllEdges. Set the color or the frame with FrameBox.LineColor.
Implementation of Graphic Pipeline with LightningChart
Example of FrameBox

Explicit side control of axes

Explicit side (top/bottom or left/right) controlling feature, when using automatic X or Y axis placement.
Set ViewXY.AxisLayout.YAxisAutoPlacement = Explicit,
and axis.ExplicitAutoPlacementSide for axis as preferred.
Explicit side control of axes

Explicit side control of axes v2
Example of FrameBox

Frame rate delimiter

Framerate delimiter and refresh method selection in RenderOptions (WinForms) and
ChartRenderOptions (WPF):

  • ChartUpdateStyle: Sync / Async / LimitedFrameRate.
    • Sync: corresponds to old way, chart renders and then exits EndUpdate().
    • Async: refreshes it after exiting EndUpdate().
    • LimitedFrameRate: frame rate is limited
  • FrameRateLimit. Set Max FPS here. 0 = unlimited

If chart updates asynchronously, and you update chart properties at the same time, a conflict may occur and crash the chart or application.

View3D MovePoint feature

View3D.MovePoint method added to moving 3D point along selected dimension.
Implementation of Graphic Pipeline with LightningChart
Example of view3D MovePoint feature
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